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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. buzzlulu
    Ok, based on the previous few parts, is a perfect time to bring up an oldie but goodie

    Difference between a Spritzer Carbon and CC version?
    When I purchased mine I took Birgir's advice and went with a regular Carbon.
    The problem is that I am so happy with it I keep on wondering if the CC version will bring more.
    Headphones are the 009S
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  2. SeaWo|f
    CC has:

    Full size chassis
    upgrade powersupply
    silver signal wire
    fully shielded transformer

    There might be some other things too, if i am not mistaken this is an ongoing project so everything is subject to change and new more refined versions continue to be developed.
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  3. Mheat122134
    329619AA-4FE6-44E7-8F32-D3253F32FB3B.jpeg Is this fixable? The volume control seems stuck, won’t move at all.
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  4. bcoryh
    I was in the same boat when recently considering the Carbon v Carbon CC. Birgir described them to me as follows: "The CC will be a bit more refined, more space around the notes etc. but the difference isn’t huge." Ultimately, I chose the CC on the chance that it might sound better, but also to appease any wondering of "what if."
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  5. buzzlulu
    Yes he also said to me the difference was not huge. It was more along the line of "people want an ALPS pot, people want silver writing etc." so I am making it for them. He said he didn't feel the increased cost was worth it.

    That does not necessarily mean it doesn't sound better - simply not worth the extra cost
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  6. kevin gilmore
    That is certainly not the original pot. Need picture of the insides, but you will need to replace the pot if it won't turn.
  7. 336881
    Stax dma x2 for sale at hifido.jp. Probably around $10k shipped.
  8. bcoryh
    Listening to St. Vincent MassEducation via Roon/Quboz (US beta) through the BHSE / 007MK2 / Qutest. Sublime.
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  9. Rushton
    Welcome, Cory. I'm also largely a long-time lurker here and recently made the commitment to the BHSE and two pairs of 009S "ear speakers" (one for me, one for my wife and listening partner). We couldn't be happier with this combination given our listening priorities and the kinds of music we listen to - mostly acoustic and classical.

    Now that we have over 1,000 hours on the headphones and amplifier, we're ready to consider some further refinements with interconnect cables, AC conditioning and tubes. I'll be interested in your assessment of the new tubes you've received and what differences in sound you hear with them.
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  10. Rossliew
    You didn't get a similar listening experience with the Carbon CC?
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  11. Mheat122134
    Thanks, that’s probably what I’ll do then. Do you know where I could possibly find a replacement of this nature?
  12. SoundInTheSea
    SRM-007tA stax amp can drive SR-009S headphone? Anybody has experience?
  13. Whitigir
    Can drive and can drive *properly are 2 distinctively different situations :). The more appropriate question would be “how deep is your pocket ?”

    One thing for sure is that we don’t have a crowded BS-marketing on our Electro-stat technology yet, so regardless of what you will be spending, you will have a huge price/performance ratio gain.

    Beware though, we have some Chi-Fi that may pull the “it is expensive because it sound good” soon
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  14. SoundInTheSea
    Can it drive SR-009S properly? SRM-T8000 is too much for me.

  15. bcoryh
    Indeed, I did have a similar experience with the Carbon CC. It's a wonderful recording. :)

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