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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. Jodet

    Interesting - I've wondered about the Mjolnir energizer. I tried a Woo WEE once and hated it. But I do have a nice Hegel integrated I could hook the Mjolnir energizer to. Or maybe get the Mjolnir Octave III power amp and us the Hegel as a preamp.
  2. VRacer-111
    I'd imagine a Mjolnir SRD-7 + Hegel integrated would be a very nice combo... the amp is what really shapes their sound. With an SRD-7 electrostat transformer you have the ability to pair whatever amp you want, so if you want to experiment it's just a matter of connecting a different amp. I originally wanted the prototype Octave III Birgir had, but it was spoken for when I emailed him so I asked him about the SRD-7 and decided to go that route. He has a nice one-off special SRD-7 he made that is listed on this page, 4th from bottom:

  3. Pahani
    Thanks for your impression, though my wallet is silently giving you the finger!
    Ohhhhh...I'm actually eyeballing the RME DAC myself. Plan to do lots more research before I jump into anything, of course.
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  4. Zoide
    Just keep in mind that DAC upgrades usually make less of a difference than amp upgrades :wink:
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  5. Mach3
    Same level of detail and soundstage but slightly more low end.
    That why I need someone with both to confirm. Could be just my ears adjusting to new gear.
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  6. catscratch Contributor
    It could also be old pads vs new pads. Not sure how it is on the 009 but pad wear affects the sound on the 007 a lot. If swapping pads isn't too much of a pain in the rear, you can swap them around and test.
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  7. nemomec
    Yes i have the same experience and i think the reason are the deeper pads of the SR-009 BK and as result a little bit more "boomy" bass with a small amount of more distortion. Over the time and after some hours burn in and pads subside we will see further.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
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  8. statfi
    I would be interested in reading more words about S vs. orig, and what specifically you mean by "more transparent", e.g., can you hear more space between performers, etc. Thx!
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  9. nemomec
    In my experience the standard SR-009 has a deeper soundstage, there are more layers. This results in more air around voices and instruments and you can hear all details of the recording room.
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  10. phaeton70
    Agree on soundstage. And I find the 009S' timbre a little bit too dark for my liking (of course this is only in comparison with the old 009, I'm not saying 009S is dark sounding), with less details on higher harmonics But this could very well be because I'm used to 009 and/or my setup is tuned around the 009.

    At the end, I think the most distinctive characteristic between the two queens is the bass level. If you think your 009 with your current setup is a little bit too bright, you will find (maybe) 009S just perfect. If you think (like me) 009 is perfect with your current setup, you will find (maybe) 009S to be too "bassy". Everything else (soundstage, highs details, etc..) is just a consequence.

    Of course the above is just IMVVVVVVHO :)
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  11. Mach3
    When I was at Akiharbara with my wife. She has zero experience with anything related to audio gear. I had a blindfold on her and asked her which headphone she liked more between the S and the non S. 5/5 times she prefered the non S. When I ask her why. She just said I don't know. The non S just seem clearer. I can hear more things going on.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
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  12. Mach3
    She asked me why the S is more expensive?
    Personal taste I guess.
    SR-009 https://imgur.com/a/TQ6zpyI

    To me I personally prefer the SR-009 over the SR-009S. Even to untrained ears like my wife you can easily tell the difference. You lose wider soundstage, airyness & microdetails for a noticeable warmth / bass bump.
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  13. statfi
    Ah, gentlemen, these are comments that I can really understand and can relate to my own experiences in the audio world. I am a bit surprised. My impression of the 009 is that it is the king of retrieving details to give the illusion of sound stage with air between instruments (by differentiating direct from reverberant sound) and micro details (like a rosined bow sticking and slipping along a violin string). I thought that Stax had very successfully evolved in that direction over the decades, and I *wondered* if the 009s was yet another step in that direction. 'Apparently not, based on your comments. Thanks so much!
  14. walakalulu
    On the other hand I’ve gone from the 009 to the 00S which I find less fatiguing over time. I’m happy to sacrifice the last ounce of detail for greater musicality imho. I still find all the detail there, just “ less in yer face”.
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  15. tigon_ridge
    Does anyone have any new information or impressions on Spritzer's Octave 2? It's supposedly his lowest-power offering, at 15 watt input, while at the same time having more output power than almost all of Stax's amps. Priced at $1300, it sounds like extremely good value given those specs.
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