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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. JimL11
    No, there is no such thing as a 120V headphone.
  2. rennwerkes
    Thanks, I didn't think so but just wanted to verify.
    Just bought a Japanese kit and kinda worried me. LOL!
  3. Jodet
    I've had my 353X / L700 combo for a year and am very happy with it. I'm wondering if my amp is limiting the L700's.

    Would a Woo GES be an upgrade or a sidegrade?

    Any other suggestions for an amp in the 2 to 2.5K or so range?
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  4. Eich1eeF
    That may be authentic, but it's also less safe. Assuming you have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter in your fuse box (you should!), that won't be able so save you in the very unlikely event that your STAX amp develops a ground fault and has 120V anywhere (or everywhere) on the case. Just use a regular 3 prong cable if you can.
  5. rennwerkes
    "Authenticy" was wrong. I just meant I wanted to use a two prong cable without having to use an adapter with a "normal" use three prong cable. I don't know if there's a voltage converter using a three prong output. The one I just bought (and the other ones I've seen) all use two prong outlets.
  6. Pahani
    Oh, I am quite happy with my L700 + 353X combo :) I also don't doubt that it could sound even better with some sort of KG amp.

    How MUCH better and at what price? I cannot say *shrug* When I purchased my 353X, I spent the maximum my budget would allow with the understanding it would be at least several years before I could look for something else.

    L700 vocals sound great to my ears, but I have zero experience with tubes even with my Dynamic headphones.
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  7. biscottino
    Two sister!
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
  8. alphanumerix1
    L700 with 717 or 353x or who wins?

    Or another amp?
  9. chinsettawong
    Do they sound different?
  10. biscottino
    Yes, very different.
  11. batfier

    understood 009 and 009bk uses same technology, just the color is different.

    if not joking, could you please add some more details, what the differences are?

    thank you.
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  12. joseph69
    Very nice.
    In what ways would you say they sound "very different"?
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  13. Hubert481
    Haha, newer equipement always sounds better - there are worlds in difference.
    Same like using black or white power cord.
  14. biscottino
    Are 009 black and 009s!
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  15. batfier
    ah ok, on the picture 009s did not looks golden enough...

    so, they are sisters, but no twins :wink:
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018

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