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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. chococya96
    Ah, I see. I might consider getting a complimentary speaker to set up along with STAX though even before that, I might consider upgrading to L700 first before thinking about speakers and other headphones.

    Also, I heard that the driver unit (srm-252s) needs to be warmed up a bit before listening to the earspeaker. Does the manual state how long I'd have to wait before using it?
    Better yet, do I need to turn off the driver unit when not in use? I'm so used to having my JDS EL stack on 24/7 with occasional power cycling for longevity.
  2. Whitigir
    So...curiously....one day 009S sound better and another day 009 is taking over.....

    Beside the signatures . It is all that stiff and hard 009s pads.....Crazy Stax
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
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  3. joseph69
    I find the mindset/mood you're in plays a big role in how much you're enjoyment at that time can vary a good degree positively or negatively from session to session.
  4. Zoide
    Not reading too much Head-Fi and not obsessing about the sound over the music is an important part of that :p
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  5. szymonsays
    I finally understand why electrostats have an addicting sound signature, they sound unlike anything i've heard in a dynamic and planar :)
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  6. 336881
    You can do what ever you want to as far as off and on are concerned. Like I said before it is like your el dac has another pair of rca outs. You just have to buy another set of rca cables.

    The only time you have to worry about off and on is switched and un switched outlets on the back of preamps usually. It allows you to daisy chain 100/120/240v products which is really helpful but if the outlet is switched that device, usually preamp, will have to be powered on for whatever is plugged into the switched outlet. If the outlet is un switched then you do not have to worry about on/off.

    Some photo's

    loop out 002.JPG loop out 003.JPG loop out 005.JPG loop out 006.JPG loop out 008.JPG loop out 009.JPG
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
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  7. staticdynamo
    I got STAX CES-A1. Sound isolation is good. Bass sound and soundstage is very interesting.
    Good pair with SR-003Mk2, and SRM-D10.



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  8. Jones Bob
    How is the comfort?
  9. staticdynamo
    New eartip is very comfortable. Very easy to set. And stable.
    Also cover is very easy to set.

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  10. Jones Bob
    Cool. Waiting now for an email from Woo Audio when they arrive in the US for sale.

    Always liked using my SR-003mk2, but could only stand to have them on my ears for around a half hour before they got too uncomfortable.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
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  11. staticdynamo
    Today,I used SR-003Mk2 with CES-A1 and SRM-D10 for about four hours,
    and still have no problem. Very comfortable. I think this eartip will be good
    for you,too.
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  12. Rayzilla
    Have you ever paired the DX200 with the D10 and if so, how did you connect them?
  13. nazrin313
    D10? Dont have it buddy
  14. Whitigir
    Assuming you are asking about SRM-D10 from Stax ?

    According to the picture below, there is a line in 3.5mm. If som you will need Amp1 for SE line-out, but as I know it...regular Amp1 ...suck, period. May want to buy an upgraded Amp1 like Amp1Titanium mimic ?

  15. Rayzilla
    I am interested in hearing about the answer to this question and also a comparison of the 353X to the 323S. Thanks.
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