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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. chococya96
    Oh, this is new to me. I didn't know you could use other amp to hook up with DAC and Stax energizer.

    I thought you only need a DAC to hook up with Stax energizer which, the latter is already a dedicated amp for earspeaker.

    Is there any reason to use other amp for creating 3-way audio chain?
  2. JimL11
    No, the idea is that if you have an amplifier - speaker system, you can insert your Stax amp into the chain to drive the headphones. So, the idea is:

    source -> Stax amp (ON) -> Stax headphones
    pass through -> speaker amp (OFF) -> speakers

    source -> Stax amp (OFF, pass through) -> speaker amp -> speakers

    In other words, the source goes to both the Stax amp and passes through to the speaker amp, then depending on which amp is on, you either listen to the Stax or the speakers.
  3. 336881
    The Stax amp or any amp with loop outs (pass through) can be on or off for the other device to work. I think you are confusing him with the on/off thing.
  4. JimL11
    Possibly. So to put it another way, the physical chain is:

    source -> Stax amp -> speaker amp (via loop-out) -> speakers. The Stax amp is connected to the Stax headphones.

    Then, to listen to the headphones, the Stax amp is on, the speaker amp is off, so the listening chain is:

    source -> Stax amp -> headphones.

    You don't want the speaker amp on, otherwise you will hear the speakers through the headphones.

    To listen to the speakers, the Stax amp is off, the speaker amp is on, and the chain is:

    source -> Stax amp -> (think of the loop-out as another cable) -> speaker amp -> speakers.

    Hope this makes it clearer.
  5. forestitalia

    ..can post a photo?
  6. 336881
    The best way I can describe is that it is like adding a extra pair of rca or xlr out to your source or preamp.
  7. Jones Bob
    STAX energizers (as opposed to dedicated STAX amplifiers) require an existing speaker amplifier to increase both voltage and current to usable levels for the energizer to function as designed. Simply running the energizer off the DAC low line level outputs won’t work.

    Here’s the wiring diagram from the Woo Wee website. As you can see the energizer works after the amp, and parallel to the speakers. Source components input into the speaker amp.

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
  8. chococya96
    Thanks for the clarification. That was very easy to understand.

    Just to confirm, this is for line output from energizer right? The input should have no problem pairing with a desktop DAC to listen to L300?

    If I do intend to use a speaker along with L300, than I should be getting a suitable speaker amplifier to pair with the energizer like JimL11 have explained, correct?
  9. Jones Bob
    Do you have or plan to get:

    #1) STAX Energizer
    #2) STAX Drive Unit

    #1) Is a voltage boost device to be used with a speaker amp, Takes its input from a standard speaker amp output and with a transformer passively jumps the voltage up to be able to drive electrostatic headphones.

    #2) is a stand alone dedicated amp. Takes it’s input at line level (DAC, etc) and actively provides a large voltage gain to be able to drive electrostatic headphones.

    Each are very different in purpose, design, execution, and connection.

    Do you have model number or photo of what you intend to use?
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  10. forestitalia

    ..ok I found now, never knew that the 252 has a parallel out, odd considering that I had it for 1 year :deadhorse:

    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  11. chococya96
    Sorry i think I've confused "driver unit" with "energizer". Or vice versa.

    The driver unit/energizer that I'm getting is srm-252s.
    I got confused as this unit was referred as both driver unit and energizer.

    I've put the orders in for srs-3100 (L300 + srm-252s) due to great deal.

    The shop owner told me that the power supply for the amp (srm-252s) would be using voltage that meets our standard (Australian, 230V). So I won't be needing transformers as I can plug it directly to the wall outlet/surge protector.

    I have a existing JDS EL DAC that I'll be using it for USB and optical inputs. As of right now, I don't plan to connect other amp or speaker with this setup.

    Is this a wrong setup?
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 9, 2018
  12. Jones Bob
    Not an Energizer. That is a Driver Unit, says so under the model number. Different animals.

    Yes, I see now you confused terminology. You are intending to use a STAX Driver Unit, not an Energizer.

    Look to others’ excellent advice on connecting above.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  13. 336881
    Is the el dac going to be the source? If so then there is no reason for the loop outs in the srm-252s. Personally I think you should add a little vintage japan 2 channel setup to your stax/jds setup. Or maybe a complimentary dynamic headphone setup.
  14. chococya96
    Yes, EL DAC is going to be the source.
    Could you explain what "liltte vintage Japan 2 channel" is?
  15. 336881
    A 2 channel speaker setup. Stax is from Japan so it would tie in with the rest of your setup. The stuff from Japan used to be hard to get but thanks to yahoo.jp and acupwr it is quite easy and affordable nowadays. Russia and where you are from are the only 2 countries that were able to get their hands on a decent amount of it so you might get lucky and find a domestic deal.

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