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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. JimL11
    You should be able to get the single issue for less than $10, and the parts cost is less than $100 - I used a heatsink from China which cost about $10, something like this:


    Also, Kevin Gilmore has a circuit board file which he can provide if you don't like soldering bare parts together, that you can send out to have a board made, although that would increase the cost.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
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  2. tigon_ridge
    Yep, $9 for the issue. Thanks, Jim. Definitely my most immediate consideration as an upgrade over the srm-252s to power my L300.
  3. chococya96
    Hey guys, if I swap out the L300's arc assembly and earpads with L700 ones, will it be same as L700? Or at best, sound close to L700?

    From what I can see, replacing the pad to L700 will make the sound "warmer" while having slightly wider soundstage which, is similar to how L700 sounds.

    This is like how HD58x jubilee sounds awfully similar to HD660s if you mod the former one a bit (i.e. by taking out the foam pad inside).

    I can see how L700 or even L500 owners disapproving this though...
  4. Scgorg
    I don't know how much you value the opinion of the stax mafia, but according to spritzer the L300L is inferior to the L700.
  5. VRacer-111
    L300 or L300 Limited? L300 Limited would be the one that could be close to an L700, not the normal L300.
  6. chococya96
    The normal L300. Is it still worth it though? I heard that the comfort on L300 is just atrocious where, most users are using thicker pads to fix the comfort issue. Some even go as far as getting the L700 arc assembly so that the clamp force is not tight as the L300 one.

    I don't know, mate. I'm interested in buying SRS-3100 and my local audio shop is selling one at a discounted price (around $550 USD, converted from AUD) and the owner also has a spare L700 pads and arc assembly which, he's able to bundle it with the system for $650 USD total.
  7. Scgorg
    Pads and arc assembly for 100 bucks extra is an insane deal, do it. And yes, the L300 does have really bad pads and headband.
  8. tumpux
    I don't think so. It will still be an L300 driver.
    Even the L300 Limited ones are not the same as L700 driver. They just share the 'same' driver tech. An often used marketing catch phrase to hype up the anniversary product.

    But hey, in this hobby if we want it bad enough we can easily convince ourselves that the combo sounds as good as the 009S.
    Just buy it, enjoy your music until the setup broke down while staying away from online forums..
  9. VRacer-111
    I'd definitely go with that 3100 system and L700 parts offer... it's 1/3 of normal retail price for the L700 parts right there! I have had both the L300 and L300 Limited... L300 is downright uncomfortable stock but the sound you get almost makes that forgiveable. The stock L300 Limited is a little more comfortable in the sense that your ears aren't pressed into the screen mesh driver protectors like on the L300, but the clamp is WAY more than the L300 - it's the worst of any STAX. Just couldn't take the clamp of the stock L300 Limited... swapped to L700 arc and pads which was an absolutely massive improvement. It also helped with subbass and smoothness. Put the L300 Limited pads on the L300 and liked what they did for ear comfort and sound, but then had the Limited clamp issue to deal with. L300 with Limited/L500 pads and L700 arc would be a nice combo.
  10. chococya96
    Alright, I've decided to take the offer. Seems like a pretty good deal considering how he was able to add new spare parts (not used) for only around $100 USD extra.
    I'm not sure if the sound will be drastically different from stock L300 to modded L300 (with L700 pads/arc) but, my number one concern was comfort so, I'm more than happy to accept a small compromise even if it result in degrading sound.
    I'll be pairing the energizer with JDS EL DAC so I'm guessing everything is good to go?
  11. Pahani
    Yep, should be good to go! Stax energisers have RCA pass-throughs, so you can easily add them into your existing audio chain. Just need 1 more pair of RCAs.

    example: JDS -> Stax252S -> (your current amp)
  12. forestitalia
    Yes L700 is more comfortable, but it also sounds noticeably different from the L300 limited, although some say they share the same drivers. L300ltd seems more natural sound and headstage to me.
  13. VRacer-111
    I've still yet to hear an L700... I will say my L300 Limited with L700 pads sounds close to an SR-007 Mk2 on my rig.Tonally they are VERY close....it's the technicalities where they differ some; just a little less bass impact and extension, detail, and smoothness in the L300 Limiteds.
  14. forestitalia
    What amplifier using? It makes a big part in sound.
  15. VRacer-111
    Old picture, as I have everything mounted in a rack system now, but this is the DAC, amp, and transformer used for my STAX rig:


    NAD C275BEE stereo amp...and wouldn't have it any other way. STAX SS driver units are anemic and thin sounding in comparison, lacking in bass impact and punch along with missing the fullness and fluidity of sound. The L300 Limiteds on the rig have more lowend impact and punch than a properly driven Argon Mk3, almost the same extension.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018

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