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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. kevin gilmore
    electrostatic amps are very different from dynamic amplifiers.

    For example the original stax T2 did not have regulated power supplies. The offset servo had a very small operating range. As much as a 2% line voltage change would clip the servo and the output DC voltage
    could be as much as +/-30V. People that own one of these have found out the hard way when changing tubes that adjustments are extremely difficult.

    The T8000 has a highly regulated high voltage to drive the input tube. Without this power supply the amp would not work.
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  2. staticdynamo
    My information is true. Don't you know the small STAX earphone? Are you all looking at the most expensive headphone of STAX?
    STAX is not such a maker. The people at STAX love their products and steadily make new products. The new products associated
    STAX earphone will be released, I say.
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  3. Jones Bob
    Looking forward to any new STAX products. :)
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  4. Lord Rexter
    Just hoping for STAX to release the closed back version of the STAX SR-003mk2 :o2smile:
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  5. rpeebles
    Uhh...that would be nice !! Any chance, for those who know ?
  6. Zoide
    One of the RCA input jacks on my SRM-323S is a bit loose, likely as a result of removing a very tight-fitting cable some days ago.

    Is it relatively safe to open the case and tighten up the jack? (I'm hoping there is a nut holding it against the case from the inside)

  7. Scgorg
    Turn it off and let it stay off for a few minutes so you avoid any current rush, and then it should be safe as far as I know. None of the components in the 323 hold charge for any extended period of time to my knowledge, thus you should be in no danger.
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  8. Zoide
    Thanks. I opened it up and survived :), but realized that there really isn't anything to tighten. Oh well, at least the jack is not *that* loose, and I discovered that the Parallel Out jacks are directly connected to the Input jacks, so I'm going to use those instead for added peace of mind.

    Here are the insides of the amp in full glory, with a closeup of the jacks.

    Everything looks so neat and well-soldered, by the way. A pleasure to see.

    EDIT: *** the SR-L700 sound wonderful. I'm listening to Rage Against the Machine - Take the Power Back and the bass impact is amazing. These things rock!

    20181119_235517.jpg 20181119_235603.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
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  9. Lord Rexter
    Here's internals of STAX SRM-353X :ksc75smile:
    IMG_20180828_031035.jpg IMG_20180828_031006.jpg
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  10. JimL11
    Another way to look at it: in order for the regulator to work, the raw power supply has to supply a higher voltage, so the regulator decreases this and maintains it at a constant level. That way, if the AC voltage decreases, the regulator can still continue to function. However, as the AC voltage continues to decrease, at some point the raw voltage will reach the regulated voltage (plus a necessary margin), below which the regulator will no longer function. The designer must decide how low the AC power supply can dip before the regulator stops working. If the designer chooses a lower AC voltage - for example to allow for lower voltages in the summer due to heavy AC use - then there is more leeway for the regulator, but on the other hand the regulator must waste more power since it is usually running at a higher raw voltage.
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  11. AudioThief
    So, I'm basically done upgrading my rig until I can afford a new DAC that I deem worthwhile upgrading to, which will take a while. I am considering doing the feedback mod to my 727II amplifier. My father is an engineer, but I don't think he has ever really worked with audio equipment. Is it safe to put him on the job, and how long should the job take?
  12. Fickle-Friend
    What's the DAC inside the STAX SRM-D10 ?
  13. Whitigir
    Isn’t it ES9018S ?
  14. Fickle-Friend
    Hiya yes I've managed to find that its ESS ES9018 DAC and uses TI OPA1642. Really wished they'd used a newer ESS DAC tbh.
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  15. statfi
    Are SR-303's Pro or Normal Bias? Thanks!

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