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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. kevin gilmore
    the D10 is a very different design from the d50. unfortunately it has limited voltage swing, so it won't play as loud, but it is actually push pull so it has a better high end.
    The D10 with sr-002 and the shure kse1500 are my favorite portable electrostatics. Both beat the koss and kingsound by a wide margin.
    See elsewhere for pictures on the new monoprice electrostatic portable. Absolutely awful and a waste of money.
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  2. biscottino
    I listened to the d50 and the d10 that I then bought, I also have a carbon.
    The d50 is a clever solution to enter the Stax world, has a decent dac, albeit with a low gain and a powerful and cheeky amplification section.
    Certainly the performances of the Carbon + Merging Nadac are not discussed, they are the top, but they cost 15 times more.

  3. Zoide
    That's good to know, thanks!

    How would the SRM-D10 compare to the SRM-323S? I have the latter and listen at what apparently are low volumes (only 2-3 out of 10 on the volume dial when listening to Google Play Music via an ODAC).
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  4. purk Contributor
    Yup, especially for top end electrostats.
  5. astrostar59
    I would recommend getting a demo somehow with a KG amp, then use your own ears. Advice on here is great. but that will be the only way you can decide for yourself wether the cost of a better amp matches the performance increase you expect. No point in pushing back until you hear it. Maybe at a local meet or a buddy near you? Or be bold and just buy a used KG amp. You can always sell it after for probably no loss, as long as it is well built and in good condition. That is my advice. I will bet you won't sell it mind. I left the Stax amps a long time ago...
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  6. Mozartaudio
    We can be pleased that Stax did these two products: D10 & D50. High quality design and product. With integrated dac and acceptable prices + Guarantee.
    Extremely balanced and transparent sound.
    Make a blind test with other combinations of amplifiers and dacs, and you'll be surprised with the result.
    Both amplifiers have very little of their own sound. That's the biggest advantage.
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  7. purk Contributor
    They are great and I have both of them in house. The D50 is a completed package and does benefit from even better source. Still, I find it was easy to discern the improvement from my Headamp Aristaeus and KGSSHV Carbon. The improvement is very immediate. Still at an asking price, the D50 is really a good deal.
  8. PointyFox
    I like the VU meter :upside_down:
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  9. Nomax
    .....IMO the D50 is a really good deal.....and with the SR-009S it sounds fantastic

    Here a video from me...it's in German because my English is not the best LOL

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  10. biscottino
    yes, I agree, I had a good impression of the combo d50 + 009S!
    I do not understand these negative comments on Stax products and why we recommend anyway regardless of alternative products, the people who make these comments have listened to this D50, or speak because so wants the Mafia Stax?
    Let's talk about a dac / amp that takes home a little more than 1000 €.
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  11. alota
    about kg design amplifiers, for example, for me it´s impossible to listen an amplifier where i live. for miracle(thanks to portugues distributor), i could hear the 009 with the top tube stax amplifier
  12. biscottino
  13. alota
    No. I tried many years ago. I don't remember the name
  14. purk Contributor
    I am glad that Stax bring both the D10, and D50 to the table. Though not perfect, they are indeed very versatile and well priced products. Sound wise, the KGSSHV is significantly better. I was wanting to buy both the D10 and D50 when I have them here at home for the audition. Thank goodness, common sense did prevail. If you already have a really good DAC, I would by pass the D50 internal DAC or go with the 353x or better jump to the KGSSHV from mjolnir. One can buy a KGSShV for less than $2500 these days.
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  15. Hubert481
    >>One can buy a KGSShV for less than $2500 these days
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