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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. biscottino
    he small D10 has a bass perfect for quality and quantity, I can not drill flaws, but you have to have an excellent source to enjoy completely. If you want to start from the old t1 I think you will not have problems, are capable of excellent performance at good prices
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  2. biscottino
    spent the last 6 years with 009 and I recognize clear differences with the new 009, I could not say that one is loudness and another is not. If I had to explain the sound in a few words, I would say that 009 is like a good Gin while the 009 is like a great Whiskey.
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  3. JimL11
    The T1 series is a different technology - not so much in the fact that it uses tubes for outputs, but rather that it uses plate resistors for output loads, and as has been pointed out in the past, those resistors suck up the majority of output signal current and burn it up as heat, making it a relatively inefficient (weak) amplifier.

    Impedance measurements don't mean much for electrostatic headphones. Stax states that their headphones (except for the 002/003) behave like capacitors of approximately 100 pf, which is incomplete. It is true that electrostatic headphones resemble capacitors except for one crucial characteristic - capacitors don't make sound, and headphones do. So a better "model" of an electrostatic headphone is a capacitor in parallel with a resistor. Resistors don't make sound either, but they do drain energy from the amp in the form of heat, just as music drains energy from the amp in the form of sound.
  4. Scgorg
    Probably a bit of both, personally I am a low volume listener, but I've seen people who crank their magni to 2o'clock in high gain with easy to drive phones. For one a lot of volume may be wasted, but for someone else it might be just enough.
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  5. miko64
    D10 - power?

    I had some time yesterday to again compare D10 vs (SRM 727/ii) w SR 009:

    1) I eluded that d10 has a lot of power before. When listening again to one of the odd pieces of classical music (Rinaldo/Haendel w Cecilia Bartoli), which has a very large amount of subsonic (15-30 Hz). There one could see some distortion with D10. This is actually the only instance I saw D10 clipping.

    2) This was a reason to inquire whether actually SR009s was clipping, hence comparing the two as per above. In summary no - since with SRM7272/ii no clipping.

    3) But still D10 is a hell of an amp

    4) Now how is Hugo 2 vs D10. Yes Hugo 2 is better (more natural and crisp), in particular with older CDs. The difference fades away with high resolution but still remains. I like Hugo a lot, in particular with the likes of LCD 4 or D8000.

    5) But overall D10 alone is the better solution when traveling on the airplane

    Btw - somebody asked whether I travel with electrosts? - Yes
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  6. PointyFox
    Does anyone know if there are Stax headphones more transparent than the SR-007A? I kind of want it to sound like the sound is coming from elsewhere and not an inch or two from my ears. It's pretty similar to the other TOTL headphones I've heard, but I'd imagine it could be better. Also, I've seen the instructions on how to remove the earpads, but they're not clear to me. Does anyone know of any videos of someone removing/reinstalling an earpad?
  7. BenF
    Last Sunday @justin w. has generously hosted me in his new shop for the electrostatic part of my headphone battle royale.

    I tested a lot of equipment, and D10 sounded great with 90% of tracks on 009, but sometimes it wouldn't get loud enough, or get choked on the bass.

    Can you see the rivers of blood flowing?
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  8. biscottino
    It would be nice to use an electrostat in an airplane, but only if I had a 4070
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  9. nepherte
    That together with beer, chocolates and waffles. Any hatred against the aforementioned is cause for deportation. Although technically speaking, @bmichels is French
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  10. nepherte
    double post.
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  11. Rhamnetin
    The SR-009, but it sounds like you need speakers instead.
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  12. bmichels
    Taking advantage of the Chinese 11/11, I ordered a set of 4 Matched PSVANE EL34PH for my BHSE to test against my curent Mullard that were shipped with the Amp.

    I will kept you posted...

    Capture d’écran 2018-11-12 à 17.04.29.png Capture d’écran 2018-11-12 à 17.14.32.png
  13. miko64
    Indeed would be nice to use Stax in the airplane. What I am using is either the bravo oamt-1c or the shure 1500.
  14. Eich1eeF
    Some products, that, when paired with basically any decent pair of Stax headphones, may get you that kind of experience: STAX ED-1, OOYH, Creative Super-XFI, Smyth A8 or A16.

    Here's a video where someone's peeling off the pads and putting them back on of a 007 during a review. I don't see the metal wire thing that connects the pads to the phones, but they should be rather obvious if you remove your own pads:
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  15. HoloSpice
    Nah, he just needs better amp/source to wake them up! :sweat_smile:

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