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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. VRacer-111
    I had the chance to listen to an SR-007 MK2 on my STAX setup at the Houston meet last month, first time another STAX besides my modded L300 Limited has been on it. Setup is RME ADI-2 DAC > NAD C275BEE stereo amp > Mjolnir SRD-7 > modded SR-L300 LEs. They guy who had the SR-007 MK2 was using a KGSSHV based rig that was having some issues so I suggested he try the 007 on my setup. Absolutely love the L300 Limiteds on my setup... and the SR-007 MK2 were immediatly noticed to be better in subbass impact and finer details. Subbass from my L300 Limiteds is noticeably beyond my Argon Mk3 with ZMF Lambskin pads (which I LOVE BTW and is properly driven from a modded Gustard H10 amp) in impact and overall presence, and the SR-007 MK2 are even noticeably a little beyond that. STAX are NOT bass light properly driven...

    Had perferred the Lambdas from my brief listening experiences before actually getting my STAX. Had previously listened to SR-007 Mk2 on a Yggy/Carbon CC setup, Stax L500 from same setup, and SR-009 on Mojo/STAX driver I can't exactly remember but was similar to a modded SRM-Xh. I actually preferred the sound of the 009 setup over that of the 007, but the L500 over either Omega.

    I would say it all depends on the amp you use though...the sound quality will only be as good as the amp and DAC.

    Being I already had an excellent stereo amp is the reason I went with a Mjolnir SRD-7 based setup to begin with and I couldn't be happier. Much cheaper route than full tilt 3rd party electrostatic and I absolutely love the lowend, fullness, and detail the NAD C275BEE amp brings out. If an excellent amp and DAC are used then I can't see anyone being dissatisfied with the sound quality of a Mjolnir SRD-7 based system.

    And now that I've heard the SR-007 MK2 on my setup I absolutely would love to try out an SR-009 and SR-009S on it.
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  2. billqs
    I use my SRD 7 to power the only normal bias STAX I have which are the original Lambdas. They sound fantastic. Incredibly transparent. I'm excited to be getting my SR007 mkII back from STAX who repaired a channel imbalance issue by placing 2 new sound elements in them. I have the 007'and my 009 running off of a KGSShv made by Birgir. I'm about a month away from getting my Carbon. I hope it will tame the rough treble I hear with the 009. I haven't gotten to hear the 009S. Does it have a smoother response?
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  3. tabness
    Would anyone know anywhere to actually audition Stax around the Seattle area?
  4. Zoide
    What's the right way to position modern STAX Lambdas (e.g., L700) on your head?

    Should the headband be right at the top/middle of the head (earspeakers straight up at 12 o'clock) or closer to the back/crown of the head (earspeakers angled back at 1-2 o'clock)?

  5. Whitigir
    Whichever sound best, if you couldn’t hear the differences, then it wouldn’t matter
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  6. walakalulu
    How about something as simple as whatever sounds best to your ears?
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  7. Zoide
    No need to be rude.

    I can't tell too much of a difference and was hoping for some helpful advice on the proper way to wear them (e.g., "it's a common mistake to [blablabla], but actually STAX recommends that [blablabla]").
  8. Zoide
    It seems like the bass is boomier with the headband on the middle of the head (earspeakers straight up), which is weird because the pads seem to leak more in that position...
  9. Scgorg
    A headphone that is ported gets boosted midbass (boom) and less subbass, in other words you are basically porting the headphone by not giving it an optimal seal, hence the boominess. This can also be observed on headphones like the HD650 which has vented front volume, it starts rolling off at 60-70hz IIRC.
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  10. oneguy
    This how I wear mine:

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  11. Zoide
    Nice haircut :p

    That's interesting. Mine seem to naturally fit my head angled back:

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  12. oneguy
    Thanks yeah I haven’t shaved it down in a few days. It needs it :/

    It looks like you wear yours with a little more angled than mine. I have no idea what’s better. I just go with however my ears fit best in there as I prefer to not have my ears touching the headphones. For some reason my left ear in particular contacts the internal structure if not positioned correctly and hurts after 30 min.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
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  13. PointyFox
    Looks like your both wearing them about the same. Head tilt is different in each picture which makes it look different
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  14. Mozartaudio
    stax - 1.jpg
    Stax SRM D10+009 - big home-hotel portable, Shure kse1500 - real portable.
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  15. buzzlulu
    What are u feeding the D10 with?

    Anyone use the Sony WM1Z to feed a Stax rig ( from either the balanced or unbalanced headphone out analogue jack)?

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