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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. QueueCumber
    Joining the Stax club Friday! BHSE and SR-009S incoming. I look forward to hanging them on my skull. (Literally! I just picked up some Sam Tufnell resin skull art pieces that will double as headphone stands... lol)

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  2. mulveling Contributor
    Helluva way to start, QueueCumber!! Awesome.

    Some great posts in the last page; you guys are real headphone philosophers :D

    The cost of NOS EL34 has been referenced, but I’ve never paid much more than $400 for a quad. At that price I think it’s worth it. You don’t need literal NOS; used tubes that test very strong can be a great deal. And XF2 Mullards are great, but so are XF3 and XF4 for lower cost, not to mention much more plentiful! You only need 2 matches pairs for an amp like BHSE; effectively no different from a matched quad. Ease the requirements and you can get amazing sounding long-lived tubes for a reasonable price.
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  3. VRacer-111
    I'm talking about modded Fostex Biodyna level subbass presentation... for jamming to music. LCDs, or any other planar I've heard absolutely pale in comparison to the immense subbass presence/feel of the bass - yet that immense feeling of bass comes with hardly any expense to clarity, dynamic, detail, or interference with to frequencies above it. My modded TH-X00PHs are my absolute favorites cans, next to the SR-L300LEs.

    The overall bass from my modded SR-L300LE (L700 clone) is the best I've heard so far, with the RME ADI-2 DAC EQ used for subbass/bass reinforcement (+4.5dB @ 57Hz, Q=1.1, low shelf and bass knob set to +2.5dB @ 82Hz, Q=1.3) and NAD C 275BEE stereo amp driving it through a Mjolnir Audio SRD-7, not lacking whatsover anywhere - extremely full bodied, detailed, dynamic, punchy, and precise. Think I prefer it over an SR-007 MK2.9 driven off a KGSSHV Carbon, but that's going on memory from a short listen a while ago. It just doesn't have the massive subbass presence that the Fostex biodynas give - few other headphones do. The Campfire Audio Cascade comes somewhat close, but still falls short (besides having center imaging issue and narrower soundstage compared to the TH-X00PH).
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  4. Sinery
    Just how have you modded your L300LE?
    I just got mine and put Vesper pads on them, but they still sit like a triangle ontop of my head with nothing touching the bottom of my face.
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  5. VRacer-111
    I didn't have any issues with the stock fit other than wanting a little less clamp, and I don't have a wide head. L300 arc assembly plus thicker, stiffer L500 pads = CLAMP FORCE! LOL

    Changed the headband arc assembly and pads out for L700 ones... much more comfortable and fits a little better to the head.
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  6. SeaWo|f
    If you get the chance in order to hear the 007 mk2.9 at its best the port mod is really needed. I don't feel that it added much in impact or much in quantity, but what it did do was even out the low end response. IMO with the mod the thing that strikes you hardest and first is linearity.
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  7. VRacer-111
    Yeah, I wouldn't mind some extended listening time with both the 007 and 009 (which is the Omega I prefer from the short listen of both I've had so far) if I ever get the chance. Have only had short listens with each at headphone meets. The 009S do interest me as well, but way out of my price range like the 009 and I honestly prefer the Lambda sound over the Omegas I've heard.
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  8. SeaWo|f
    If you are a fan of stats it's a must. The difficult part is the amp and up stream gear are critical to get the most out of them,. I never planned to go this route until hearing them on Justin's bhse at a small(quiet) local meet.

    But pickle Rick approves and in the end I think we can all agree that's what really matters.
  9. ahmedie
    sorry i laughed at that ! but you have to get l700 pads and arc assembly because they are far more flexible ontop !
  10. Ali-Pacha

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  11. weasel1979
    You are welcome :wink:.
    Back to the " Do planars sound thicker than Estats-discussion. I kind of agree with Rhamnetin here. Let me put it in a way it sounds positive: The sr-009 presents the sound, including the base in a lasersharp way. Very accurate (instead of "thin"). But with a bassy planar, there is always more base, even with a piano or a voice of a singer, there is a nice layer or frame of base to it which many people like.

    No headphone or speaker sounds "natural" or "realistic". You can tell when you walk down the street and hear a real piano / trumpet/ drumkit out of a window. You just know.
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  12. ahmedie
    off topic, just sharing crazy anime stuff which happen to have stax headphone
  13. JimL11
    LMAO! Yes, Stax is a gateway drug!
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  14. Sinery
    Just how do the L300 and L700 arc differ?

    Clamp or swivel isn't my issue, the issue is pivot as the tab on top of the stator hits the arc and therefore pushes the stator into my head like (slashes are stators): / head \
    It isn't by a lot but enough to be painful.
  15. raband
    Can you put the tabs on the other side of the "arc"?

    edit: the clamps pull out fairly easily - can you put them back on with the tab keeping the stators like:

    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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