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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. Ali-Pacha

  2. mulveling Contributor
    You won't find another component with the BHSE's level of engineering, fit, finish, aesthetic, and build quality anywhere else in audio for that $6K - not just headphones' realm.
    I have to have those tube mids. That's why I stuck with the BHSE over Carbon.
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  3. SeaWo|f
    Also the warm up time with a BHSE is not a big factor, at least not with the mjolnir one. It reaches thermal stability in under an hour and is fine to listen to from power up. This like baising to the MV is overstated.
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  4. Rhamnetin
    I do have a tender spot in my heart for a purple HeadAmp BHSE, but I managed to resist.
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  5. SeaWo|f
    The purple is a sexy color so was the one off sea foam green.

    In addition to the benefit to the mids having the el34 in there gives you another tool in your chain to tweak your systems sound.
  6. paradoxper
    Just pursue the T2. Find Kerry. End your game with all the fit and finish of a BHSE. Job done.
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  7. 336881
    I don't know about that. In their own way I put ECP (Doug) and Apex/Classic Headroom (Pete) right up there with Headamp (Justin). I like the looks of Doug's amps the best, the sound of Pete's amps the best and Justin's amps in the middle of both. Mostly though it depends on the headphone I'm listening with HD800 (Doug and Pete) vs. 007/009 (Justin).

    Yes I know Gsx-mk2. A wonderful amp. Just for the HD800 I prefer offerings from Apex and ECP.
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  8. Rhamnetin
    I would have liked Pete to design a more affordable OTC tube amp (as in below Pinnacle but above Peak/Volcano), but that ship has sailed for me. I agree about the HD 800 and GS-X Mk2 pairing: technically excellent but the GS-X Mk2 doesn't care to alter the headphone's characteristics really. That's why I love the GS-X Mk2 but the HD 800 needs to be heavily colored by tubes for me to enjoy it.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  9. mulveling Contributor
    Doug’s amps (ECP Audio) are treasures, but I still wouldn’t put the cosmetics and build on the same level as BHSE. What HeadAmp did with this piece is special. I think a lot of high-end stereo guys would love to have an integrated amp that looks like this - in fact that's what it often gets confused for when 2ch guys see its pics out of context.
    Man, they're almost all favorites for me. Seafoam green is really stunning, but purple, blue, and champagne are all awesome too. And of course all the various blacks/silvers are very classy. I wish HeadAmp sold a 3 or 4 pack of faceplates so we could roll those too lol.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  10. dude5OO
    Checkimg in. Owned an ixys KGssHV a couple years ago and loved it with 009. Had an L300 323s last year and i'll regraduate to 727a with feedback mod soon. Eventually i will get around to benchtopping a KG amp. Any color in Justin's BHSE is gorgeous though my wallet sometimes tingles yearning for days bygone where it began at 5k for dACT model..
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
  11. oneguy
    Agreed. I’m looking to go this route with Kerry and call it a day.
  12. tumpux
    The ultimate end game would be butlering in Dr Gilmore's Manor..
  13. tabness
    Thanks for the heads up, it is European voltage unfortunately. I'm thinking I will just pick up the limited edition black 353X in the hopes it may keep its resale value better in case I ever want to change to some of recommendations here.

    Exactly what are people hearing on some of the non Stax amps that is so much better than the Stax amps (besides being able to go louder while keeping good sound)? I've read that the bass improves. Anything else? I don't listen very loud at all, so am I correct in understanding that I may not even be needing the higher voltages that some of the non Stax amps provide?

    In looking this up in quite some detail, most people here and on other places clearly tend to prefer the same set of non Stax made amps. While it is good to get that majority impression, another majority impression for many people here is that amplification in general improves the sound quality of dynamic headphones as well and yet that has not been my (admittedly limited) experience at all as I cannot tell the difference beyond simply going louder (and I am no audio objectivist and I actually want to perceive the differences people passionately describe). Admittedly, all of the headphones I have tried are of lower impedance (less than 100 ohms).

    It really sucks that I cannot audition any of these for myself...
  14. plinth
    I see, I did not realise that Stax did not provide double windings to allow voltage changes.

    I also do not listen very loud but I find that the more power seems to allow the speakers to play more delicately, more effortlessly and with a greater sense of engagement. I had never heard Stax stats before and actually I was a touch underwhelmed listening to the 009 and 007 with the srm 007t mk2 and the T8000. I hate to be harsh but they seemed polite, the 007t was not offensive but I did not feel that my life had been changed.

    Birgir's Carbon plays with exquisite finesse, great mass to the transients but with no overhang or bloom. The hairs stand up on the back of my neck like with live music. There have been many times that I just cannot stop listening to music and go to bed. I am not an audio hobbyist so do not really know the terms, nor do I really discern soundstage as others clearly do, but my Carbons seem to have a grip on the music, and a sense of integrity. They move me in a way the Stax amps did not.

    From what I have picked up people may rate the 353X higher than the 007t, and I have a friend who loves his 353 with his 009 so I doubt you could hate the sound that you will get from that combination. You may want to find a way to hear a KG amp before you make a final decision. Even if it involves investing in an airline ticket. By the way, where are you based?
  15. paradoxper
    You won't be disappointed.

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