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The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by crazychile, Oct 27, 2015.
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  1. ahmedie
    Well I failed to mod l700 since they always lose that smooth tuby sound whenever I moded anything. Cannot wait I hope you share details/photos about mod!
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  2. Hi-Fi-Apricity
    Pretty much I have a thick double sided tape closing the baffles and I have custom made pads that are slightly deeper but not overtly so. They also aren't all leather they have cloth contacts and are perforated on the inside. They give a lot of leave and are mounted using the aforementioned tape and compressed on. They do lose a bit of that tubed sounding nature as you lose some of the warmth and fullness of the L700 and it most definitely resembles the 009 more closely. Which is both a shame and a blessing. Wonder if the 009S is able to have the smooth tube sound of the L700 with the linear quality bass of the 009.

    Edit: one thing to note is seal is absolutely important now. If I don't get a perfect seal it gets super mid bassy even more than holding the ear speakers off your head. While I put them on I move my jaw around to make sure I get impeccable seal or else the sound is just awful! I prefer this mod to stock but I'm also a 009 fan. It does sound more ethereal much like the 009 and less tubed although the stage remains the same or slightly larger. I wish I could have both in one but does not seem to be a possibility
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  3. Yoram Diamand
    Hi, isn't it strange that the SR-L500 is a better match with the SRM-007A than the SR-L700???. I have now the T1-S as amp, for the L700...what would be a great upgrade? I thought of an import SRM-007A and a transformer from Japan to Europe: https://airlinktransformers.com/product/japan-europe-voltage-converter-eu-ja0500 but you say it is a mismatch. Has anyone other experiences with the L700 combined to the 007A? They say the L700 scales up, you can get an expensive amp and hear the L700 is great. Best wishes Yoram
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  4. padam
    It's not a big upgrade over your current amp, just not worth the expense in my opinion.
    So, as stated earlier, if you are looking for a big upgrade, you need to consider going aftermarket instead of the Stax amps (and people say the improvement is not as dramatic as with the SR-007 or SR-009 series) but these are tough to find for a decent price.
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  5. KaiserTK
    After reading through this thread I understand that the 353X is probably the best bang for the buck option for the L700.
    However after listening to that combo for a few hours, I can’t help but wonder if detail and soundstage gets any better paired with the KGxx amps.
  6. padam
    The improvements are there, mainly with bass, dynamics and soundstage, and a more linear frequency response - from the amp's side at least.
    But they are not that easy to quantify. Some will say that the differences are really big, some will say they aren't, especially with the L700 as opposed to SR007 or SR009 which benefit more from it.
    And that the differences between headphones are more significant compared to the amps.

    L700 + Carbon vs SR009 + 717/727 would be an interesting comparison for instance.
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  7. azabu
    I agree with Padam, if you're happy with the current amp then it's probably not a huge step up. Honestly, even with your amp I wouldn't go the L500, the L700 is that much better and will serve you when you want to upgrade.

    I have the BHSE now and still have the SRM-007tA. The Stax has less dynamics and grip compared to the BHSE, but still a wonderful, mellow amp. Good for late night listening sessions.
  8. azabu
    Yes but at much greater cost. If anyone needs a mint SRM-007tA just send me a PM. It's a 100V Japanese model (I live in Tokyo).
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  9. KaiserTK
    I have the SRM-727A with a step-down transformer still up on sale as well.

    I envy the fact you live in Tokyo. I was there a few months ago and spent a lot of time at Yodobashi and E-Earphone just demoing STAX. It’s weird that I can listen to an hour straight and noone is waiting for a turn (most of them just made a strange face at the shape of the L700 and tried something else).
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  10. Jacques Lolive

    Following the acquisition of another model, I stored my old headphones Stax SR 207 in a furniture because it was unused for a few months. Here in Brazil the atmosphere is humid and a small mold has settled on the protective grid of the transducers. How to clean it?

    Thank you very much for the answers
  11. ahmedie
    just found out many places are selling stax l300 limited again !
  12. BenF
    "Limited" :jecklinsmile:
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  13. xevman
    Waiting for my L700 to arrive. I have a set of SR009 and keep hearing the L700 being touted as the mini SR009. I can't wait to do an in depth comparison between the two on my humble little setup, and then once again when I inevitably get a KGSS. I doubt the amp will make that big of a difference though.
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  14. Rhamnetin
    A KGSS might not. Wait till you get a KGSSHV Carbon and a really high end DAC though. The SR-009 will turn into a completely different headphone.
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  15. xevman
    Its a huge spend though. Many times more than what I paid for these. I have a local retailer who have a BHSE thats avaliable to audition and other high end gear. Might be in my best interests to try both the L700 and Sr009 out there.
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