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The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by crazychile, Oct 27, 2015.
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  1. jjacq
    I just recently bought the L700 and will be using the SRD-7 energizer modded to pro bias. As the first STAX headphone I'm actually owning, I'm very very excited. Looking forward in using it as a stepping stone to obtain a SR009 + BHSE eventually.
  2. Kiats

    Congrats! It is a very enjoyable and musical Stax can. With regard to the 009s, it may be worth your while to audition first because the tonality is quite different. :)
  3. up late
    i've been exploring flagship open-backed headphones for quite a while and i'm considering making the l700 or hd800/s my next headphone purchase. the problem is that i won't be able to compare them. the l700 would be a "blind purchase" if i decide to spring for it. whereas i am already familiar with the hd800 and will be able to audition the hd800s soon. but i am intrigued by the stax "sound" and the l700 is a lambda model that seems to get a lot right from the early impressions that i'm seeing. so any more comparative impressions between the two is welcome.
  4. AudioBear
    I'd like hear people's impressions because I have no chance to interview the L700..
  5. empetus
    The L-700/500 are better than HD-800 both are more honest to tone, i like the L-500 most with 252s, actually the 252s is a killer amp very open dynamic and musical with better bass definition than 353x.The L-500 is a little bit strident with 353x but perfect with 252s.The L-500 is more balanced than the L-700,the L-500 has very deep front soundstage like HD-800 .
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  6. preproman
    Has anyone heard any of these on a BHSE?
  7. VGoghs earfrmsc

    To those of you who don't live in cities or large towns, have you thought of taking a train or coach to a large town or city with audio shops and/or department stores. By booking the ticket ahead it's usualy cheaper, in the UK at least anyway.You can check on their stock to see what they have and even ask them to get in a specific hp or amp if your thinking of buying it. At least in a department store I wouldn't feel so bad if I didn't want to buy it in the end. With TOTL equipment I would try and get to a meet, or perhaps have a mini meet near you,it could be cheaper in long run
  8. Tidal
    I would like to ask an impression of the new L700 out of the stax tube hybrid amp SRM-007tA which I use now. It seems that SRM-323 series have eclipsed other stax drivers in this thread. Compared to SR-007A, which model would be better purchase based on 007tA?
  9. up late

    i live in a city. unfortunately stax dealers here seem reluctant to put more recent and expensive models out for audition, which is disappointing. one hi fi store has had the same srs-3170 combo out for years, and another doesn't have any models available for audition at all and it specialises in headphones.
  10. axle_69

    According to Michael T the L700 "sounds a little flat with the SRM-007tA." (it seems he listened to the two in the Tokyo festival) but if you already have one it may be the best option.
    The 353X is very good, especially if we consider the price, but I doubt if everything considered (detail, tone, control) it will be better than the 007t, and even if it is, the difference is probably very small and you already have the 007t. Considering more expensive amplifiers isn't probably a sensible option because after a certain price the cost of the 009 is only a fraction of the overall system, and it is a better headphone.
    Maybe someone has the L700 paired with the 007tA and can give you a good opinion about the combination. Where are you located?
  11. dharma
    'CUSTOM AUDIO 'NEBUCHADNEZZAR' seems to have great sound (audio-test in Finnish HiFi magazine was made by notoriously critical grand-oldman of Finnish HiFi society). In magazine, it was mentioned, that it is about 1000 euro cheaper than other comparable amps'.
    Zolkis opinions here
    EDIT: and here
  12. up late
    a positive development - i've found a local hi fi store that sells stax and has the sr-l500, sr-l700 and sr-007 available for audition. they usually have a sr-009 out for demonstration as well but sold it to an eager customer. will report back after i hear them.
  13. AudioBear
    Does anyone know of a store like this in the San Francisco Bay or Penninsula?

    Stax doesn't seem to list dealers on their website.
  14. parbaked
    You have to contact the importer, Yama Enterprises, to determine if there is a dealer near you:
    Their site contains a link to the below email for info:
  15. dharma
    Seems, that nothing have changed in this area of San Francisco. About 10 years ago some head-fiers asked exactly same question, without positive results...
    but one suggestion was to contact with R B Electronics there... company still exists, but focusing, at least nowadays, on high level repair services (but also it seems that they sell some used stuff too)
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