The Somic Thread--50mm driver open air full size cans pop out of nowhere, sound amazing

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by joe bloggs, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. kidcharlemagne
    Some notes and quick comparisons against other phones (Technical Pro HPT990 and Koss Portapro), the Somics have maybe 20-30 hrs on them (burn+actual listening time) -
    - There isn't much else I can add on to Joe's impressions as he pretty much hits the nail on the head in terms of how they sound =). Theyre warm, slightly bassy (not basshead bassy as mentioned, just above flat), with a fairly smooth top end and a nice amount of sparkle. They sound somewhat thick with the bit of midbass warmth they have going on. Midrange is forward and vocals are intimate but can sound a little bit "boxed in" on some tracks, despite the large soundstage.
    - Immediate differences noticed when switching back and forth with the HPT990 - a competitor in terms of price, though it looks like theyre abit more expensive than the MH463 right now - The 990s have more of a upper mid to lower treble emphasis with a slightly recessed midrange compared to the 463, making them sound seemingly airier and abit more detailed. They both have some midbass warmth to them but to me the 463s warmth is more pronounced, which is probably why mids/vocals sound more forward, thick and intimate. Bass on the 990 extends down deeper into the sub-bass than the 463. The 990s sound like they have a wider soundstage despite them being semi-open vs the open 463; it must be the velour pads and airiness added on from the slightly more emphasized top end. The 463 is better with depth though and beats the 990 out in terms of forward projection. Both have fairly good imaging and separation. Both make for some solid gaming cans. I actually spent a lot of yesterday playing ACIII using the Somics and it was a great experience.
    - I think the closest other headphone I have with a similar signature is the Koss Portapro. Mine is modded with KCS75 clips and "quarter-modded" foams, and they sound fairly close in terms of signature, but IMO the MH463 is technically superior; better detail, and larger spatial presentation. The Portapros also sound abit darker, and the bass is slower.
    - On construction, its been mentioned already but the pads are pretty shallow and my big ears do tend to press on the pad lining, causing discomfort after a few hours of wearing them. A quick remedy to that could be to remove the red+black pad lining and inserting a more comfortable foam lining, or to stuff the undersides of the pads so they arent so shallow.
    MDR-7506/V6 pleathers, Beyer, or Pearstone velours could fit, they look about the same size fwir. Shure SRH840 pads might be a possibility as well, I would try mine but theyre stretched out to heck thanks to my T50RPs [​IMG].
    Also, there are some creaky points on the headphone, mainly where the cables go into the cups and where the plastic yoke goes in to the cups. Maybe a bit of graphite lube can fix that?
  2. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Thank you for the impressions! Regarding the pads, if you take a look at b1o2r3i4s5's photos you will see that the pad and lining go together; and something to consider when looking for replacement pads is how they go on the phones (by wrapping around the edges). Not sure that exactly made sense but typing is hard on the phone
  3. Sniperbombers
    bumps posts - leaves this section for some personal thoughts about these cans also*
  4. marlonmarabe
    Just got mine. Opened them up. Nothing too fancy. Played some incubus through my odac/c421 setup and i am blown away! the quality for this price is just unheard of. The detailing,instrument separation, and soundstage is amazing. These are kind of fast. To be honest, i prefer them over the hd650. A little less bass but clearer. Time for some burn in!
  5. waynes world
    Keep up that kind of talk, and resistance will be futile!
  6. Sniperbombers
    Welcome to the club :D - i personally found them to be a little too quick for my taste, but i have adjusted to them fairly quickly too. Glad you're a proud owner of these headphones.
  7. waynes world
    Curious: what to you mean by "too quick"?
  8. marlonmarabe

    too quick? try some bass boost :) man oh man for the price, i cannot even think of anything that comes close!
  9. waynes world
    Without any EQ, enough bass for you?
  10. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    You tell 'em! [​IMG] Amazing aren't they?  Glad you're enjoying them [​IMG] Also, a few of you guys' impressions just got featured in the OP [​IMG]
  11. Sniperbombers
    Hurray! i still wish to extend on my current knowledge of the headphones though. However due to my stupid tests coming up, i won't really be able to say much until Wednesday... unless i decide to slack hehe?
    -- i really do need to give this a shot... WHERES MY EQ! 
    -- the sound rolls off a little to early is my simple definition of quick -- so regarding marlonmarabe's suggestion, it allows the lower frequencies to become more extended.

  12. waynes world
    Sounds the same as "fast decay". Got it.
  13. mosshorn
    I want these, but so poor from Christmas shopping Q_Q
  14. marlonmarabe

    Will be posting some more impressions soon. These...are....just...plain...GOOD. I personally think it sounds like $250-300
  15. BBEG
    Came home from work to find a package from Hong Kong.
    Packaging of the 463s is so-so. Looks kinda nice, feels kinda cheap, only accessories to speak of is a plug adapter. Whatever, I'm not buying packaging so this doesn't bother or disappoint me.
    Build quality is nice. Heavier than the SR850s and Uptowns. Cable is much better than the Uptowns'. I like that the cups swivel to lay flat, but as these are open phones I probably won't be traveling much with them.
    Sound quality straight out of the box... holy crap. First song is Crossfade's acoustic of "Falling Away" side-to-side with the Philips Uptowns, and I'm a little stunned. I now definitely understand what people have said about closed headphones sounding 'closed in' compared to open headphones, but even so I actually like the Somic's sound more (I've been loving my Uptowns, so this is a surprise that a less-expensive pair of headphones sounds notably better). Very good first impression for sound! Bill Withers' "Use Me" (one of my all-time favorites) doesn't sound quite as open, but I think it's the recording; the Uptowns suited that song a little better (made it more intimate, I guess). Bass is more or less comparable with the Uptowns with maybe a little less punch. Gonna need to compare with some 5FDP for that. "Breath of Life" by Florence + Machine goes to the 463's, no contest: the openness adds this epic quality to the song that was meant to be there, but doesn't quite show with the Uptowns. On DJ Fresh's "Louder" (the one, the only, Doctor P & Flux P remix), the closed Uptowns definitely have more impact and sound a little better, even though they lose a little detail to the 463's.
    Comfort: first impression is cramped ears. The ear pads definitely need to be thicker and deeper. Gonna find a way to make this happen. The Uptowns are orders of magnitude better for comfort, and I actually know the meaning of that phrase!
    Overall, I'm really liking what I hear. Big thanks to Joe (and 3AM insomnia) for introducing me to these bad boys.
    (On an unrelated note, the E17 really grips the headphone plug, doesn't it? [​IMG] )

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