The Shenzhen Benjie BJ-T6 / AGPtek Rocker

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pjabber, Feb 8, 2017.
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  1. LostEchoes
    Guys hello !
    I have these bluetooth earphones [Awei A610BL].

    - I have paired them with my iPhone and they connect right away. So in this case, I only have to turn them on (by long pressing the middle button in the remote), and they connect automatically with the iPhone. I press the middle remote button on them and a song starts playing.

    - Now with the Rocker this is not the case. They do not connect automatically (I have even tried removing / ignoring the earphones from the iPhone so that there is no conflict). So, when I enter the Bluetooth menu on the Rocker, I do see the Awei earphones as available, but when I long press the middle remote button on the earphones to turn them on, they do not connect automatically to the Rocker. I actually have to go to the Rocker Bluetooth menu and select the Awei earphones in order for them to connect.

    This is not practical at all. Is this normal ? have you experienced such behavior with bluetooth earphones / headphones ?
  2. jhsbdn
    At least you can pair them that way, remember me and my momentums senn's? Still the same,only wired if i want to use them with the rocker.

  3. EmPathWalker
    It seems to be a basic Chinese BT OS, then. I have a RUIZU X06 that is like that. As a sub £20 DAP I don't mind. Actually, it's BT range is better than the Rocker (original version) I briefly had.

    I do wonder how the manufacturers intend to balance the fashion for metal body DAPs with the increasing demand for Bluetooth. I've had 2 metal body DAPs, and the BT range for both if them was very poor. The silly cheap X06 with it's plastic case and wobbly temperamental buttons walkes all over them for range. I can place it on a shelf at the other end of a quite large room and get a consistent signal at my BT earphones. The rocker won't do that, and neither would the Acustic Solutions Bluetooth version of the Agptek IMP.

    I've never owned a high end metal case DAP with bluetooth. How do they get it right ? [ if they do ]
  4. nadezhda 6004
    Hello everybody,
    Has anybody tried to downgrade the T6 firmware from the latest to the second one (where you can switch songs with the screen off)? Is it much worse?
  5. nadezhda 6004
    What was the firmware before 1.05 beta? Where can I download it?
    Read the first post of this thread. I provide links to both current and prior downloadable versions of T6/Rocker firmware.
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  7. razorpakk
    By the way the T6 can use the AGPTEK Rocker firmware, much cleaner UI.
  8. nadezhda 6004
    Thanks, I got it.
    Has anybody tried to downgrade the firmware to the version before 1.05? What are the impressions? I'd like to change songs with the screen off.
  9. spudmachine
    Just FYI when you upgrade the firmware you will revert to a Chinese UI.

    To switch back to English go to the cog (settings) icon.

    In the settings menu move to the second option (ie. down one)

    You should see English as a recognisable option.

    It would be really good if AGPTek allowed people to register in their user forum. It would also be good if they offered an "English by default" firmware option.

    Until then...oh well...

    Note - the Rocker is a reasonably good MP3 player. Not the best, and not the best value either. But OK.
  10. bsoplinger
    Interesting. I just got my Benjie T6 which I upgraded to the what I thought was the latest firmware and I have English as the language set. That is to say that after the first boot showing Benjie then AGPtEK and obviously the AGPtEK firmware the interface was in English. Could it be that the AGPtEK device defaults to Chinese but the Benjie stays with whatever language its set at since even with the AGPtEK firmware applied there's still that initial Benjie splash screen.
  11. nuevo
    Hi, I just received the t6 and I hear a hiss with the volume low, and sounds when changing the songs. this is normal? Could I claim the return of the product from the seller?

    Also, the battery was in the middle, is this normal?
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2017
  12. breeman
    I also bought the T6 (from AliExpress) then installed the latest AGPtEK firmware (first 1.06 beta, and more recently updated to 1.2) and the language has stayed in English through those updates. When booting I see the Benjie boot logo, then AGPtEK.
  13. larry piencenaves
    hey guys, planning to buy some cheap digital audio player here, which is the benjie t6 a good entry level? or are there any good alternatives?
  14. breeman
    I really like my Benjie T6. Got it for $35 from AliExpress and for that price it's amazing! Plays all my Hi-res flac files beautifully, and sounds great! I use a 200GB SanDisk Micro SD in it (which is almost full at this point). Has Bluetooth as well as a 3.5mm jack, and even supports some 5.1 surround sound albums with the latest update (Rocker Firmware 1.2).

    I only have a few minor gripes with the firmware. The quick search of music by alphabetic sequence only works in Songs/Artists/Genres/Albums but not in Folders. Also, creating playlists on the player itself (without loading one you created on a PC) you can only add songs one at a time, and cannot add full artists, albums, or folders to a playlist. I'm used to the Rockbox firmware which allows you to add anything to the "now playing playlist" easily and quickly. My Sansa Clip Zip does that, but the lesser sound quality (and lack of Bluetooth) make me prefer the Benjie T6 over it (choosing quality over convenience). I know there are some people working on a Rockbox port for the T6/Rocker so maybe I'll get the best of both eventually.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  15. larry piencenaves

    thanks, but may i know if the benjie t6 can power headphones above 200ohms? also have u tried those other cheap dap like the onn x5? headfiers say they are good but the ui is a mess
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