The Sennheiser Orpheus 2? A First Look At The Sennheiser HE-1 (The New Orpheus)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jude, Nov 3, 2015.
  1. mulder01
    Yeah just the other 40 something thousand
    No biggie
    Jeez I hope you like them
    Have you heard them?
  2. wink
    Yep......... I have.... :ksc75smile:
  3. up late
  4. raypin
    Mm....viable alternatives to the HE 1: Stax SR 009 plus appropriate energizer (BHSE etc.), Hifiman Shangrila (??)........can't personally
    confirm those two but is there a dynamic headphone system that can run with the big, bad wolf?

    Chord Blu MK II (CD material) + Chord Dave + Atlas Asimi XLR silver interconnect + Mass Kobo 394 Balanced amp (a neutralish headphone amp with gobs of power to drive any headphone) + Heimdall 2 + Focal in the neighborhood of the HE 1. The set still lacks the to-the-last-detail resolving power of the HE 1 and its eerie realism but it is a viable alternative. Soundstage (a known weakness of the Focal Utopia) is expansive......................all that for 33k, a bargain compared to the HE 1. A pack follower........but not the leader.

    Note: the Blu Mk II does make a big difference in the audio forget the flac out of USB laptop. It is just an inferior source. Main problems are less dynamic presentation and less resolving.
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  5. saidentary
    Or anywhere else on this planet or elsewhere in the known (and unknown) universe--or in the multiverse, for that matter.
  6. mulder01
    People seem to have no problem spending this amount of money on head fi - just normally spread across a number of different components. Many members have a number of flagship cans and a selection of amps, dacs, music servers, cables etc that would easily add up to this amount.
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  7. up late
    true but that can be cumulative and occur over a number of years. we're talking about a single purchase here, which is extraordinarily expensive even in the high-end head-fi market segment.
  8. wrathofkhan
    Hi raypin,

    I must have missed something here,,, exactly what cable are we talking about,, is it the headphone / cable that plugs into the headphone compartment?.
  9. raypin
    Mm... yes, the headphone cable of the HE 1. It is detachable from the compartment but fixed on the headphone side. I am extremely careful not to snag it or twist it or bend it. It is quite long so I am using a cable tie to make the lenght to my preference (velcro type, borrowed from my Oppo PM 1).

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  10. wrathofkhan
    Has anybody reached the 250 hours where the orange led on the volume control comes on,,, or that is what is suggested, indicating a valve replacement.?
  11. protoss
    I hope you do a YouTube review on the HE-1 !!

    And than a few weeks later do a review on how much you hate it and tell us to buy Woo Audio products. I loved that video btw.

    LMAO !
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  12. mulder01
    I think raypin is the only one here who has one of these... I'd be calling sennheiser to clarify if you're seriously considering getting one. I have heard some people say tubes take 250 hrs to burn in, not wear out...

    Are you talking about the HD800 review?
  13. protoss
    No, this video :

    And at 12:45 is the funniest part ever. Gold medal

    Verycoolalan is cool for this video :)
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  14. protoss
    I think in my opinion you should hunt down these 4 legends for your collection ?

    I call this picture.

    " 4 Boys chilling on a sofa, warming up to the sensation of nirvana "

  15. raypin
    Mm..stax sr omega, orpheus (1), stax sr 007, sony r10 (?). Right?
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