The Sennheiser Orpheus 2? A First Look At The Sennheiser HE-1 (The New Orpheus)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jude, Nov 3, 2015.
  1. mulder01
    Surely a setup of this calibre deserves the horrendously overpriced stand for the chord gear...
  2. wink
    I had a listen to the HE-1 a bit over a week ago for an hour and a half.
    I can say that I did like it.......
    I just like my setup of YGGY - KGSSHV - Stax SR-303 a bit more.
    And YGGY - KGSSHV Carbon - SR-007/SR-009 somewhat more....... :ksc75smile:

    I need to say that the source of the HE-1 was a PC laptop full of flac files,.
    I don't know if the DAC was the internal one or a Music Fidelity unit sitting below the HE-1.

    Would I like to own a HE-1 ? - Yes, definitely.
    Would I buy one.? - No, not with the gear I have already.
    Of course, YMMV..... :L3000:.
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  3. raypin
    Mm...someone advertised a pre-owned Chord Choral Ensemble stand awhile ago. Substantially lower than listed price. I did not pull the trigger.

    I badly need a stand, more for practical purpose but not to the extent of paying full retail. But not a priority. Rather, I’m inclined to invest in improving my Stax 009 amp.
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  4. Whitigir
    I vote BHSE, or Carbon, best you can do is T2 ofcourse :D. Tubes will last longer than 2500 hours though
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  5. bosiemoncrieff
    Certainly HE-1 is crippled by its dac.
  6. mulder01
    Is this the findings of your own experience based on extended tests with both the HE1's internal DAC and a selection of external ones?
    Or just based on your own biases and what you reckon.
  7. up late
    it's deja vu all over again. it would make for a welcome change in this thread if his assertion actually has some factual basis.
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  8. raypin
    Mm...crippled? I am not sure what your basis is for saying that. I’ve had the HE 1 for 5 months now and and the Dave even longer. I have compared it with or without the Dave numerous times and I can confidently say that the internal DAC (8 of them working together) can very much hold its own. Adding the Dave does alter the sound output. With the Dave, the soundstage seems wider and taller while the HE 1 alone has more depth and better instrument separation....more “space” for instruments to breathe in. Every note just floats...unfettered.

    What I am saying is there’s very little you can add to the audio chain to make the HE 1 perform even better or substantially better by changing DACs. Transport (source) is the weakness in my audio chain. With my laptop direct to the HE 1 via USB feeding Flacs, I strongly feel that I am not exacting every last ounce of performance out of the HE 1. The Blu II appears to cure that problem, one that I hope to confirm with utmost certainty and to what extent in the next few weeks. I only have 7 quality CDs on hand so I need to find more material to feed my system. Is Tower Records still around? :deadhorse:
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  9. wrathofkhan
    I have nothing to live for now.

    Up until a few days ago I was planning on making the HE 1 my final headphone purchase, I already have the 009 with the BHSE but with all the youtube presentations of how good the HE 1 is I was ready to dive in.

    After reading this forum and other reviews I have to try and make sense out of the whole package. It is not so much the cost of it here in Australia AU$84,000 approx but the following are serious questions:-

    1, The whole package start up with the valves pop up, Knobs pop out and headphone lid rises is just pomp & ceremony. It adds absolutely nothing to overall sound itself, NOTHING.
    2, When it comes to delivery you get this concierge service where they (in my case) fly to me with with the HE1 on board (maybe by learjet!) and personally set it all up.
    3, I am shocked / amazed that the complete set of valves only last 250 hours. Of course Sennheiser say they can still be used BUT there will be a gradual degradation of sound.

    I have to wonder how much is saved if we do away with the motorised stuff in 1 above.? Again, this personal concierge delivery, how much is saved if that does not happen.

    The final problem for me is that the HE 1 will only sound the very best for upto 250 hours, after that, well, its in your head that a slow degradation is taking place so I better spend AU$1300 approx every 50 days on replacement valves which is based on a listening period of 5 hours per session. Lets face it, if it sounds that good I will probably listen for much longer and every day if possible.

    My dream is now broken
  10. raypin
    Mm...conflicting info: it is either 250 hours or, the more recent info, 2,000 hours before replacement.

    Get the HE 1 and join the club. We’d love for you to compare your SR 009 BHSE vs. HE 1.
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  11. mulder01
    Hmm, number 1 and 2 are not questions but criticisms of how a cost-no-object system could be made to cost less. You don't buy a Rolls Royce and ask for the navigation to be taken out because you could use your phone and it would be cheaper. It is what it is - a world class luxury product.

    3 has conflicting reports - the latest figure is 2000 hours RECOMMENDED. I suppose this is to ensure that you get the most out of your system as tubes are a wearing part.

    The HE1 was recently in Melbourne - did you have a listen to it? I live in Brisbane and booked an appointment but didn't end up making it there in the end (can't afford the thing anyway). Surely you are not going to drop that sort of coin without a listen first?
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  12. verycoolalan
    As I've heard.
    This system is meant for football players or celebrities. Not headphone enthusiasts.

    By the way I'm very curious as to what kind of what Raypin drives. I imagine a Mercedes
  13. raypin! No, nothing that fancy. Just a plain Japanese hatchback. My dream car is a Tesla 3 or an upgraded Prius. Sorry, not a car person. More interested in car tech: heads up display with night vision. Between the HE 1 and a really fancy car, headphones win everytime.

    I am neither a celebrity or a football player. Goodness no. Just a hardcore headphone enthusiast.
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  14. mulder01
    Interesting comment FairlyNaiveAlan - I mean - VeryCoolAlan

    2 types of people drive fancy cars - genuine car lovers, and people who want everyone to know how important they are. I have seen a number of millionaires drive around in ****boxes because they are neither of those types of people. I would say that these headphones probably are for headphone enthusiasts (although pretty exclusively for reasonably well-off ones). If you are wealthy and want people to know it, you buy a fancy car/boat/house etc so that everyone can see. I think the majority of the population does not give a rat's what headphones you have. If you are buying this headphone system to show off, rather than because you have a genuine interest in high quality audio, then you're an idiot.
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  15. wink
    Just because some clowns speculared that only football players and celebrities could afford a HE-1, doesn't mean that is what it was built for.

    It's Sennheiser's statement product.

    There could be numerous reasi\ons for their purchase of the HE-1.
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