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The Sennheiser HD25/25-1/25-1-II/Aluminium/Amperior/Adidas/BA-Concorde Thread!

  1. Paul Graham
    I had a good look with the search tool first and couldn't believe there is no thread dedicated to this/these cans!
    Considering how popular they are I thought I would start a thread where we can all share our love for our beloved HD25's.

    Also, feel free to post up pics of your cans folks. Thanks.

    I was first introduced to the HD25 when I was a club/radio/touring DJ back in the 90's & Early 00's. I rapidly fell in love with their rugged build, Superior sound quality and stage, And their versatility. That pair was retired about 5 years ago.

    I no Longer DJ but I still find I keep going back to my HD's, Even with the other brands/pairs I own, The HD25's remain my first choice for outdoor use, Exercise, external noise cancellation, Fit, & perfect ( For me ) Bass reproduction.

    I currently own three pairs. The HD25-1-II Adidas Originals, The HD25-1's & The Amperiors.
    I do plan to get more! Much to my wife's dismay LOL!

    Anyway here are my three sets.

    Note - The Amperiors have a Toxic Cables White Widow Fully balanced recable on them, Terminated with a 6 pin Hirose For use with the iBasso Pelican PB2.

    The other two still rock their original cables...


    Thanks for reading and please feel free to add info, Tips, history etc to this thread. :)
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  2. PeteMtl
    I love my Amperiors. I also have the Hd25-1II. I wonder if the newer HD25 have a different sound. I understand that they use new dies for the HD25, compared to the previous HD25-1II
  3. Koolpep
  4. gazzington
    Are the amperiors better than hd25?
  5. Focux
  6. gazzington
    I'm trying to work out to either get one of these or M50 or m40x for my work days
  7. PeteMtl
    I own both, here are the main differences in my opinion:
    - HD25-1 II are 65 ohms, Anperior is 18 ohms if I recall. The Amperiors were derived from the HD25 and are targeted for street / portable use with their lower impedance design.The HD25 is also compatible with portable gear but is optimized for DJ, mixing, studio use. In my opinion, both models provide excellent passive noise cancelling for use in transportation (trains, planes) or in loud environments. Both headphones are comparable in their output sensitivity but one has less impedance than the other. Both have similar 2 way splitting headband, with slight cosmetic differences and modified mecanism to adapt the the different cables they each provide.
    - HD25 have plastic cups, which are of high quality material, as the whole headphone are made too. The Amperior has aluminium cups, which are slightly heavier, but provide more rigidity to its drivers. Also the Amperiors use foam inside the cups to amortize the sound pressure and cancel any internal,vibrations, which is not needed with plastic cups which amortize themselves
    - HD25 has default fake leather like pads, while the Amperior have pads which are difficult to describe but don’t have a leather feel, they are more similar to memory foam/slight suede like feel. The HD25 also have remplacement pads which feel closer to the pads of the Amperior, but they are different, less memory foam-like, more fake-suede like. I do not like the fake leather pad of the HD25. I use the alternate fake-suede pad with them. I have no real preference between these later pads and the ones from the Amperior, all of this is a question of personal preference.
    - HD25 has a 10ft straight steel cable, which may also be modified by using all Sennheiser cables designed for HD600 series cable. A torsaded cable is also available with some HD25 versions. The Amperior use a thinner 4ft cable which may be extended with another 4ft extension which is included. The cables are optimized for portable / iPhone gear, and include a mic and remote on the cable, it is very good sounding, probably made of copper instead of steel, but is far less rugged and durable. You have to be kind and gentle with the Amperior Cable, but the good news is that it is easily remplaceable since the Amperior have a female 3.5mm (1/8 inch) fixed input cable near the side of one of cups and you may plug and use in any 3.5 to 3.5 mm remplacement cable if you need to (you will then loose the mic and remote features, except if your new cable provides it).
    - The sound quality is similar and of excellent quality for on-ear cans, but there are some differences between the two: the bass is cleaner in the HD25 and smoother in the Amperior. Both headphones provide excellent quick bass, but the HD25 has flatter leaner quicker bass. Remind me of the bass difference between the HD600 and the HD650 which I both own. I’m not saying the HD25 or Amperior’s bass sound like them at all, but the Amperior is warmer and smoother sounding in the bass, has more bass and also remins me of the HD1/Momentum in the bass, although quicker and firmer, but with the same rise in the 100-250hz range. That difference in bass in probably a consequence of the lower impedance coils in the drivers of the Amperiors. The HD25 is better balanced but also colder sounding, thus its reputation to have a colder in your face sound similar to Grado headphones. Also the HD25 and Amperior have similar sub bass extension.
    - The mids are very similar between the HD25 and Amperior, except a slight difference in lower mids because of the upper bass rise in the Amperior affects the tonality of the lower mids: the difference is slight, but it is there.
    - I see far less differences in higher mids and theble between the two, although some users report that the Amperior have less sibilance. I think it has to do again eith the bass rise which affects the whole warmer sound balance and makes the Amperior’s upper mids/lower treble less sibilant because of that overall warmer balance more pondered towards the bass in the Amperior. I remind that the two headphones sound more similar than they are different. The differences are subtle and the two headphones are clearly derived one from the other, in a similar way to the HD600/HD650 relative similarity. I recommend both headphones in regards of these differences that may affect your choice.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  8. gazzington
    Thanks that a great amount of info. Would you take these over the momentum 2 or m40x for general use in workplace etc?
  9. PeteMtl
    I would prefer the Momentum over ear or the M40x over the Amperior or HD25 because of the comfort over long periods. For general use in workplace I use the HD4.40 because of confort and Bluetooth capability (for phone or conference calls, online training) and its cheap (got them for 99$ CAD).

    Thé HD25 and Amperior are in my opinion best sounding, but all 4 headphones are good sounding headphones. I would go with comfort and Bluetooth over sound quality for office use. Just my opinion.

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