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The right cables for my HDVD 800

  1. EvenR
    I'm getting a HDVD 800 for my HD 800's next month and i'm going to be connecting it to my pc via usb, and to my pc's sound card via optical, as i want to add the sound cards suround effects to the HDVD 800 for when i'm watching a movie or playing a game. (I've heard that this is possible, but correct me if i'm wrong)
    At the moment i don't have an optical or a usb cable and would like some recommendations, as well as some pointers on how to get the sound card working with the HDVD 800.
    The sound card is a  Creative Sound Blaster ZxR.
    I was hoping my setup could look something like this:
    PC>USB cable>HDVD 800 (connected to ZxR via optical for effects)>CH800S cable>HD 800
    Thanks for any input and suggestions.
  2. EvenR
  3. davidsh
    Should work fine. Am not sure about your specific sound card model, try googling it.
    For cables I suppose you want anything that isn't very bad. I think monoprice makes decent cables for decent prices.

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