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The reviews section is pretty much useless after the update

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by VocaloidDude, Aug 7, 2017.
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  1. VocaloidDude
    The reviews used to make sense, they used to be a pretty standard rating system you see on any website, based off of the percentage of high ratings, and the amount of ratings, basically which one had the most positive reviews. Now it's based off of likes, which is useless at this point (there's hardly any likes, and also it just feels like cheap facebook social media nonsense, which cheapens the rating system); top rated, which seems completely out of wack (an earbud with one vote is second place); and most reviews, which doesn't make sense, because why would you organize them based on which one has the most reviews, and not the most positive reviews?

    I'm really tired of this website being so dysfunctional since the update. I kind of wonder why more steps haven't been taken to fix it, especially with this being the hub of the entire audiophile community. I'm sure a lot of people care, myself included.
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  2. Muinarc
    Pretty sure they're working on this and have been since the switch but I'm sure more complaining will speed up the process.
  3. charliex
    I totally agree! I now rarely use the site, what with all the issues. Why replace the last format if it isn't broken.
    Not only is the 'new' Head-Fi difficult to navigate, but is also not as attractive nor inviting.
  4. AxelCloris Administrator
  5. ExpatinJapan
    I will piggy back on here.

    1) can we see the list of our reviews in our profile please.

    2) now the reviews are one after another, whereas before it was in a drop down menu system. Its a lot of scrolling.

    3) also is there any way to see how many views my reviews have been getting?

    Thanks, I know you are busy etc

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  6. AxelCloris Administrator
    We've mentioned it in a few threads, but there are several areas of the site where we're currently developing overhauls. The first two that come to mind are the Classifieds and the Head Gear sections. Since these areas are being custom coded to suit the community's needs, they will take time to finish. We do not anticipate completing these sections in the immediate future. The current systems are functional placeholders, giving everyone a place to share their reviews and sell their gear while we develop the new tools.
  7. ExpatinJapan
    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Carry on and good luck.

  8. bosiemoncrieff
    Well, good luck as you design a new reviews section. Sending you all the positive energy I can. The current placeholder is an unnavigable mess.
  9. AndroidVageta
    Do we have any updates here? Are things still being worked on at all? I mean, there's still no "Send PM" button (yes I know of the little mail icon but it has no auto titling of the message and I'm lazy), still no default picture setup or way to have them as your post image, no way to limit my search (which with a new forum why not have more detailed search settings like price, location, etc), and still over all just feels unfinished and lacking.

    It's not completely unuseable or anything like that at all...just expected the functionality of the last website at the very least I suppose. Any possible update would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. AxelCloris Administrator
    Are you referring to the classifieds rather than the Head Gear section for reviews? Our development team is currently in the middle of programming our new classifieds platform. It's in the early alpha stages, but it has the core functionality in place. We have no estimate of when it will be ready to go live.
    We were given a very small window to transition off Wikia's Huddler platform, so there are many areas of the new site that are functional placeholders rather than fully developed tools. We're continuing to develop the new site and will do so until we feel that it's complete, but until we reach that point there will be areas that may not be up to par with what the Huddler platform offered. Our end goal is to provide a better experience for Head-Fi'ers than we had on Huddler, and that will take time to realize.
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