The Review Tour of FiiO Q1 Mark II Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp Starts Right Now.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 17, 2017.
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  1. Ynot1
    I don't own an Android phone with otg. So even though I have an otg cable my Android phone will not support nice things. But moto g5 should support otg. And I assumed driver support for audio over otg also. The Q1 MK II comes with micro usb to USB cable. So an OTG cable is needed.
  2. tworule
    My iPhone 5s has issues with lightning data connection . Charges fine though. Can I use iPhone audio jack to connect to fiio q1?
  3. Ver JJ
    You can, but Q1 in this case will only act as an amp.
  4. tworule
    So I better buy a portable amp. Thanks for the response .
  5. Ynot1
    This hacking thing isridiculous. Basically who ever it is is not allowing me to give five stars in the review section.
    Since I let the cat out of the bag, I wonder if I should just post the naratives here.
  6. Ynot1
    I just listened to all my headphones in balance and now I'm convinced Q1 MK II can play bass with authority in balance mode.
    You see before I only had access to earphones that wre bass light. Now my review is pretty much ready for print.

    Vfree, UE4000, and even Monoprice 8323 sounded great in balance mode.
    I did not like Vfree in se mode and the others I did not try yet.
  7. slackerpo
    i tested IT03 single ended and balanced, bass sounded equally awesome in both with bass boast.
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  8. Ynot1
  9. Hariz Nordin
  10. Ynot1
    Dragonfly black is not MFi so a CCK is needed. And the DFBlk dac is an older one to the newer dac in the MK II.
    But I don't know how they compare soundwise.
  11. Hariz Nordin
    I'm not using apple products
  12. slackerpo
    q1mkII has a fuller sound than DFB. if portability is not an issue, ill go with fiio anytime.
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  13. bencherian
    Hi can i use q1mark 2 with new android phone and pair it up well with Meze 99 Neo heapdhone ?
  14. Ynot1
    Fiio does not state it supports android because there is chance an android smartphone could leave out support for external dac.
    But a real smartphone running android like pixel 2 should support it. Amazon offers hassel free returns so options are there to consider.
  15. cleg
    My take on Q1 Mk 2

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