The Review Tour of FiiO Q1 Mark II Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp Starts Right Now.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 17, 2017.
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  1. Ynot1
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. Magick Man
    I found the perfect use for this, I hot-glued it to the back of my Galaxy Tab S, for use in media consumption. Works great. :)

    20171013_115655.jpg 20171013_115615.jpg
  3. Ynot1
    Single is no fun, but balance really opens things up.
    I just took the long way to go balance and even though I don't recommend it, I recommend balance.
    And I already have a dilemma. I only have one balance earphone now. And in my hurry to go balance
    I had not tested single ended on this earphone, piston 3.

    And another thing the balance sounds like the output impedance shrunk big time.

    I can't say much now, I'm being harassed by hackers that knows the guy who works at aple.
  4. Ynot1
    image.jpeg z
  5. Ynot1
    image.jpeg image.jpeg z
  6. Ynot1
    Balance brings a lot of power, but it brings out incredible amounts of details too. It made the dac in the walnut sound last generation. Fiio simply have something really special. I found music from my cd collection pale in detail compared to the modern recordings online via streaming. There definitely been improvements made in recording technology at the studios. So far I noticed I'm paying more attention to the sounds versus the music.
  7. Brooko Contributor
  8. Ynot1
    I will be clear in my review when I get to it, that Q1ii is a balance amp. All of the other features are just features. Balance is really good. Mind you I don't have the headfi golden hears and can not hear to 80khz plus or minus 60khz margin. But people have to seethis amp for what it is a balance amp.

    So far edm sounds really good. I already feel this is better at what it does than walnut, accessport, creative G5, and nx1. But with that said I still remember what made those other amps special which Q1ii does not share. It's like amp dna for a lack of a better description.

    This is kind of confusing to me now.
    P3 se < P3 bal
    Vfree se < P3 bal

    P3 se < zse se
    zse se close to P3 bal

    Previously before zse, Q1ii did not have the necessary clean power on se.
    Now with zse there is clean power on se.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  9. Ynot1
    Hacking is preventing my update.
  10. Ynot1
    I think my tour unit has some unusual aspects that I will try to explain.

    My zse is the only one to sound decent in se. But even still when I tried zse, xe800, Monk Plus, and Vfree again on Benjie X1, I found the se to not sound right. The se was dark and subdued. The X1 was more open and spacious.

    However the P3 on balance dwarfs the X1 by improving upon the space with more power and detail.

    However I found that couple of things are unique in an unusual way to me.
    a. When se and balance are connected se does not play music.
    b. When MFi and line in are connected, line in plays very muted or very faintly.

    My conclusion is the line in is not switched mechanically. Furthermore my guess is the line in goes to an adc of a soc.

    All in all I still think the Q1ii is a balance amp with lots of power and detail in balance mode only.
  11. Ynot1
    I discovered a couple of new things. And now I think I only need to verify this one thing and I'm pretty sure I will be ready to say what's on my mind about the Q1MKii.

    First of all I am experiencing a lot of hacking. So much so, I'm seeing behaviors that suggest there is a wireless access to the the Q1MKii.
    Therefore I think it is fair to not describe the strange characteristics that I'm hearing because it could well be coming from the hackers.

    Now to the interesting part, I discovered my android TV box on Lollipop can send music to Q1MKii via the provided USB to microusb cable.
    Best thing was plug and play.

    So far I had the P3 for use on the balance mode. And I believe one earphone just was not fair to characterize the sound and listening experience.
    P3 sounded good for its sound signature, but I dd not know what else the Q1MKii could do. And cause I'm in a time crunch, I did again what I did not recommend. I converted a plantronics earbud and XE800 both of which had mics to balance. The plantronics let me know what power can do for earbuds comng from Q1MKii, in a good way. And the XE800 told me the Q1MKii definitely scales up.

    Lastly, the thing I'm missing is the thing that is the most important in my opinion about what a good amp must do. Since all of my balance earphones are balanced, signature wise, and all of my headphones can not be made balance without difficulty, I have no balance earphone nor headphone that can do bass generously. So I am contemplating what I should do next.
  12. Hariz Nordin
    Hi guys,
    I'm getting the q1mk2 later this evening..
    Anything to advise?
    I'm using my Motorola moto g5 plus as my source, listening mainly to Spotify..
    Sennheiser momentum 1.0 on ear as my phones..
    Thx in advance
  13. Ver JJ
    Use a micro male to micro male cable (1st config) if it works instead of a micro male to usb type a female and a usb type a male to micro male (2nd config) because fiio q1 2nd will drain your phone battery untill it is dry if you connect it to your smartphone by using 2nd config. Others than that, if you want DSD to be outputed natively, use Sony Song Pal app, it might not work on yours phone but it is worth giving it a shot.
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  14. Ynot1
    The Q1 MK Ii comes with the necessary cables. I think it should work considering the brand is better known.

    Edit: Need an otg cable. But a cleaner looking cable option is possible too.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
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  15. Ver JJ
    What you said there was right if you are a iphone user since only a (or maybe two) lightning to micro usb otg cable is provided.
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