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The quest for portable comfortable headphones. Audio Technica, AKG?

  1. soundwave82
    Hello fellow head-fi`ers,
    I am a Dutch (sorry for my English language) audio enthusiast who travels a lot by public transport. Now a couple of months ago I bought myself an iPod classic 160gb and since then I have been looking for a pair of portable headphones which meets the following requirements:
    - comfort
    - sound quality
    - no sound leakage (must be used in public transport)
    - must be driven by an iPod classic.
    In my quest for the `perfect` headphones I have had a pair of Audio Technica ATH-FC700 and I have used a pair of Audio Technica ATH-ES55 for the last month.  I really really love my ATH-ES55. They sound very good and they look very good, but their mayor flaw is the comfort level. I have tried and tried but I can`t use these cans for more than an hour before my the start hurting my ears pretty badly.
    Now the problem is I want a pair of headphones that sound as good as the ATH-ES55 but are still comfortable to wear. Now that I`ve used and heared the AH-ES55 I will not settle for less, so going back to the ATH-FC700, which als become painfull after a couple of hours, is not an option. I also have experience with an AKG K414i, which I could wear for hours, but sound quality wise they are not on the same level as the Audio Technica`s.
    Which of any other headphones can any of you recommend. I have heard good things about the AKG 450 but I really doubt that they sound as good as the ATH-ES55. I`m also curious about the Pioneer SE-MJ71, but the design look similar to the ATH-ES55 so they look like they will also put a lot of pressure on the ears. Anyway suggestions are very welcome because I`m really done with my ATH-ES55.
  2. Armaegis
    How about moving up the ATH line and trying the ESW9? You can find them used on the forums for about $200. I found them very comfortable and very lightweight.

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