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The Pono Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by depaor, Oct 4, 2014.
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  1. RenatoN
    I have been using The Opus 1 by The Bit and am really happy with it. It's a real deal right now at less than $250 on Amazon.
  2. audionewbi
    How did you guys order direct from Pono, I love to buy a pono for 200 USD.
  3. barondla
    Send email to pbakeratgmail.com. They may still have refurbs to sell.
  4. Left Channel
    ^^^What @barondla said. Pono is no longer manufacturing. There are many on eBay and Amazon though.
  5. audionewbi
    thanks guys
  6. Rdwng1975
    Does anyone know if I purchase a used Pono if I will be able to update the firmware with the current state of things?
  7. Left Channel
    Yes you can update it just by dragging a file from your computer onto the device. The link below will take you to a forum that's a good resource in general too.

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  8. SearchOfSub
    hi selling my lightly used pono player limited edition pm for if interested. thanks!
  9. harpo1
    Use the classifieds, that is what they are for.
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  10. maira

    im using a Fidue A73 with my Pono and as it sounds good, i think i need an upgrade. I cant compare to other DAPs or IEMs, but i think this combination is a bit mid heavy and missing some clarity. What is your experience? Which non balanced IEM has the best synergy with the Pono? Up to 4-500 EURO (Or do i habe to upgrade the DAP to get a as musical listening experience bit with better stage, layering and clarity?)
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
  11. maira
    Would be great if some of you (former) Pono users could write which DAP you are using now and how it differs in Soundstage, Tonality and generell SQ. Single mode... .

  12. barondla
    I wouldn't buy a non balanced headphone or IEM to pair with the Pono Player. The Pono sound quality improves a fair amount in balanced mode. There may be a few exceptions. The Pono has an output impedance of 3.3 ohms standard or double that in balanced mode. Some multi driver low impedance earphones might show bigger frequency response swings in balanced mode. A good match improves detail, frequency response, soundstage, etc.

    Have you tried balanced cables with the Fidue?

    It is very difficult to find something that sonically out performs the PonoPlayer. A few Pono owners have said the over $1.5k AK is in the running. None have reported the Fiio, Onkyo, Pioneer, or Sony as matching the Pono Player.
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  13. maira
    No i havent. Got a Pinnacle P1 yesterday which i like much better than the Fidue, but still single mode. My main problem is battery life, even in single mode. So going balanced will definitely not help. Another thing would be a greater soundstage. Other than that i still like the pono.
  14. barondla
    Yes balanced takes a little more power. For battery life I plug one of those usb batteries into the Pono. Haven't heard anyone say a different dap has a larger stage than the Pono. Some thought the Pono stage was too large and they must be cheating with dsp. They weren't. Proper components, design (especially custom Ayre digital filter) make the difference. The Pono has a very large stage with Sennheiser HD600 in balanced mode. Seems to be more difficult to get IEMs to have big soundstage - no matter what they are hooked to.
  15. rickhawk22
    Still use my 2 Pono Players exclusively, as they are supurb. The synergy between the PP and Flare Audio IEM's seem to be right on par of what I was looking for. I have the Flare R2S in single mode and it is sublime with the PP. My Flare Pro's are on their way to me, and I'll be using them single at first, then balanced once my cables arrive. The combo still gives me chills, and is the reason I love music again.
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