The Plinius CD-101 has landed - and is staying
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Headphoneus Supremus
Apr 12, 2004
My latest digital source acquisition, unleashed - the Plinius CD-101, from New Zealand!




The reviews were right, the remote control is practically a weapon!
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First impression:


'Twas a big gamble but this definitely paid off. The Plinius CD-101 is my new favorite CDP and most definitely a keeper. Finally I can rest and stop the digital source madness! I can't even begin to say how frustrating my digital source journey has been, but it's over now, yay!

All I need to do now is keep waiting for my balanced amps...

Right now the CDP is with me at work running off a standard computer power cord into my AE-2, with K701 SAA Equinox-recabled.

The lack of a display doesn't really bother me, I never really use the info on it anyway. And I usually listen to an entire disc (or two or three) per listening session.
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Congrats on getting to the digital nirvana Asr!


Originally Posted by Asr /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I can't even being to say how frustrating my digital source journey has been, but it's over now, yay!

Well, I for one would like to hear about your journey
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Congrats on your new purchase, but I think the lack of a display would drive me crazy. Although I spent many years with no display using vinyl, it's something I'm just too accustomed to now.
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Second impression:

I had to listen at ultra-low volume most of the day, being at work.

I raised the volume right at 5 PM MST.

All I can say is that the Plinius rocks my world like no CDP has before! It's like my former Arcam FMJ CD33 taken to the nth degree! (That's a good thing.) There's so much soundstage it's holographic. There's so much shimmering detail that's completely not forced on the ears - in some ways it's very subtle, but also completely natural.

I was afraid the tonality might not be to my taste but this is PERFECT for me. The Accuphase DP-500 was a little too warm-sounding for me. While that CDP had plenty of detail, I always felt its mid-range & bass overshadowed the treble, which kinda masked the presentation of detail. The Plinius sounds better balanced to me.

The biggest compliment I can give the machine right now is that Alison Krauss & Union Station sound hair-raisingly REAL.

My anticipation of hearing this CDP in balanced mode just shot up by 200%!
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I have been dreaming of that CDP .... just no way i can afford it.

Glad you like it so much.
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I had a look at one of these yesterday. There is a shop in Melbourne that is stocking the Plinius range of goodies. This is as solid as it looks. I think I will have to go back and have a listen!

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Great CD player Asr, looks great and it seems like you're really enjoying it! I really like that metal faceplate with the round corners. Very cool design.
Don't like the name though .. I had to translate too much of Plinius' stuff lately in latin class at school

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