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The Playstation 4 Pro is Out!

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by cavemanta, Nov 10, 2016.
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  1. CaveManta
    The PS4 Pro is finally here! What do you guys think about it? Are you excited about its ability to upscale games to 4k? Do you even have a 4k display? And even if you don't have a 4k screen, will you still buy it?
    I am personally not excited by it at all. I'd rather play games natively at 4k, such as with a modern PC. Besides, I already have a regular PS4.
  2. meatbix
    honestly its not a big change! would rather save money and wait for PS5
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  3. Watchman323
    I have a regular ps4. I had it for over a year and the only game i finished was call of duty. After that game, i probably only turned my ps4 on less than 20 times. I don't think i would buy another PS after this one. However i am intrigued by nintendo's system, Switch. It would be awesome if it can display 4k to tv. I believe on their screen only displays 1080p.
  4. Mad Lust Envy Contributor

    Is a huge change. Games that run at 30fps now might run at 60 or close to it.

    Games that run at 1080p now have near 4x the resolution detail. It's a definitive and absolutely obvious change.

    Have it, tested 4-5 Pro enabled games on it, and have been impressed with each boost.
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  5. bb rodriquez
    I also purchased one and I'm pleasantly surprised so far. I haven't tested a whole lot of games yet besides Titanfall. Resolution has slightly improved for that title, though it's not extremely noticeable. The big change is in the framefrate for Titanfall which has significantly improved bringing it up to the experience on my gaming pc. Even playing Destiny, which won't be receiving a HDR or graphics upgrade, seemed to have less dips under 30 for compared to my old PS4. Though I admit that might be a placebo effect.

    All of that plus hopefully making the PlayStation VR better and the inclusion of wireless 802.11ac make for a worthy console for $400.
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  6. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Titanfall 2 is 1440p on the Pro. 1440p is considerably better than 1080p, IMHO. It looks very sharp and detailed on the Pro.
  7. bb rodriquez
    Is that what the confirmed it at? Last time I had looked they weren't sure, but that was last week sometime. Yeah it looks really good, no denying that, I just didn't want to state anything without knowing for sure if it was 1080p upscaled to 4K or 2K upscaled to 4K.

    I'm excited to get Battlefield 1 and see how great it looks along with testing some of the VR games to see what improvements it makes.
  8. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Digital Foundry posts videos doing analysis of games. TF2 is one of the few with a static res of 1440p. Other games like the Last of Us will either do 4k at 30fps native, or 1800p in the high fps mode. 1800, not 1080.

    CoD Infinite Warfare is running checkerboard 4k with dynamic resolution that goes down to 1500-1600p. It's really hard to see when it goes down. They did a great job there.
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  9. lenroot77
    Have to say tomb raider looks fab! I just can't decide what setting I like best. So far a great game as well!

    So far I've tried:

    Last of us
    Tomb raider
    Fallout 4

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the upcoming gran turismo game!
  10. bb rodriquez
    Glad to know another person is loving it!

    Let us know how Last of Us is, I'm sure it will look great in all of its 4K glory. I haven't tried much because I've been playing Titanfall 2 only.
  11. lenroot77
    Oh the last of us looks great! Hard to believe it's a PS3 game.

    I think for me the HDR is more stunning than the increased resolution. This is probably because my TV is on the small side.
  12. bb rodriquez
    Yeah I haven't had a chance to check out any of the HDR content yet, but I'm really excited to. Well I think I may need to pick it up when its on a really good sale. 
  13. DirtySnackage
    Can't wait to see what they do with ffxv, but no Until Dawn patch makes me wanna cry
  14. shuto77
    What games seem to be benefiting the most? I was disappointed to see no Witcher 3 patch. 
  15. bb rodriquez
    Well Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 have a noticeable improvement from what I can tell. Titanfall 2 is noticeably better looking and the frame rate is very fluid. Battlefield 1 looks really good, but frame rate doesn't seem to be 60 fps, but that doesn't bother me so much.

    I havent tried any of the others out yet. Let us know your impressions if you try some of the other ones that are getting patches.
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