The Perfect Push-Up
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scarlet johanson is not what I would consider *busty*

also "Men..."

I would say more closer to perfect
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Calsthenics (spelling) are great for all around fitness...

However if I were you I would push 3 sets of heavy bench press followed by 30 -50 pushups with clap-s if u wanna be fancy....

then 3 sets of dumbell fly's followed by some pull ups...

i guarantee u wont be able to do pushups the next day all day

and before everyone crucifies me for being a beefcake or whatever..

heavy compound excersises activate and increase your chemical metabolism...also increases various serums in the body ...u push hard ur body pushes back, helps to keep u thin and fit done the right way
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Originally Posted by -=Germania=- /img/forum/go_quote.gif
^Sorry guys, unfortunately for you - I have morals and no desire for internet fame.


They wanted naked pics of Nate not you. lol
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None of us believe you. We want a video of you doing pushups with a clock behind you so we can see you do that many correctly.

:very evil:

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