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The past and the future of Meier-Audio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jan meier, May 2, 2011.
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  1. Frihed89


    Thanks.  It's a 2move.  
  2. SpudHarris Contributor


    I'm counting days.....
  3. estreeter
    Spud, dont even get me started - I have been waiting over 2 weeks for an amp delivery and its annoying as hell. The thought of waiting for an amp that hasnt even been released yet - well, thats more than this Koala can hope to bear.
  4. rasmushorn
    Interresting new amplifiers on the way. I wonder if there is a DAC in either of them?
  5. SpudHarris Contributor
    Jan e-mailed me today. 3 weeks and counting [​IMG]
  6. thegr8brian
    Can't wait to hear about the differences between the Corda Classic and the Corda Concerto.  Seems to be keeping the same clean design with what looks like added crossfeed controls like with the stagedac.
  7. Townyj
    Good on ya Jan! :) Good to hear your sticking around producing some lovely amps.
    Definitely excited to see your new designs!
  8. estreeter
    3 more weeks ? That isnt my definition of 'MID' June, Jan ! [​IMG]
    Still, in the audio world, its pretty good. I think the only guy who releases kit on the assigned date is Kevin Halvorsen. 
  9. Jan Meier Contributor
    Hi guys,
    "3 more weeks ? That isnt my definition of 'MID' June, Jan !"#
    There have been some problems with the supply of a specific part. Remember the earthquake in Japan!
  10. SpudHarris Contributor
    ''Good things come to those who wait''
    Man, I hate cliches. I try to avoid them like the plague....
  11. cooperpwc
    Those sure look like digital filter switches to me. :)
    It looks like we may have a new combined DAC and amp. Something like a Concerto + StageDAC but perhaps with simpler controls.
    Very interesting!
  12. rasmushorn


    Exactly what I thought too. But the cross feed part of the Concerto might have had those controls just as well. So maybe it is only dreaming for my part. On the other hand I am not expecting totally new circuits. The Stepdance is a success and the 2Stepdance is just a refinement making a great product better. I am guessing that the Classic is a minor refinement of the Concerto (which is a masterpiece of an amp) - not a completely new amplifier. Who knows other than Jan [​IMG]
  13. pekingduck
    I don't see anything on the Classic that remotely resembles an input selector. Perhaps it's a 24/96-capable USB-only DAC/amp combo? [​IMG]
  14. SpudHarris Contributor
    The specs are up on the Meier Site reference 2Stepdance. Can't find the original spec but did it use OPA209's? for some reason I didn't think so. No biggie, it's a great chip with the correct implementation and I'm looking forward to testing it out.
  15. pekingduck
    The original StepDance used OP1611's.
    (The old page is available here)
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