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The PA2V2 Thread

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  1. Blasto_Brandino
    I didn't see this as having been made already, so here it is! My PA2V2 was my first foray into the world of portable amps (and I'm sure it was for quite a few others as well) from the minimalist design of the little black box with it's red faceplate, to it's (my experience) slightly warm coloring, to the PHENOMENAL customer service of one Gary Ali, the PA2V2 cut the teeth for a lot of "Ampers" And in this thread, I felt, we should show it a little love.
  2. Fizban
    My first too, and still my main ha!
  3. GreatDane Contributor
    Yup, it was my introduction into portable amps too. I used mine primarily for gym use where I amped a minidisc player. I actually walked around with this:
    I made custom "clips" from 16 gauge sheet metal.
    The Shure E4Pro was my IEM.
    A closer look:
    Gary's personal touch:
    Crossfeed anyone??   [​IMG]
  4. pmartel
    I've had mine since December. Coupled with my Sansa Clip v1 and current headphones, a winning combo.
    The PAV2 represemts the best value for money, I think.
    Being an audiphle, my current headphones DO leave alot to be desired, but for the money NO COMPLAINTS.
    Having tried my current headphones with and without the PAV2, there is a BIG difference.
    Listening to a recent Chamber Music cd this morning on the way to work really surprized me. I could believe the sense of colour and articulation I heard from this recording.
    The current headphones are a pair of cheap Magnavox MPH1100's I paid $10. This level of refinement can only be due to the PAV2.
    For pop music, I listen to mostly '80's stuff (First generation cd's where possible) The PAV2 REALLY gets the bottom end going on these headphones. I can really feal the drivers flapping.
    The ONLY thing these headphones is a nasty H/F glare and these headphones will be changed shortly to a pair of budget Shure over the ear headsets.
    This can only bring out the true potential of the PAV2.
    At some point, IF I get rich, I plan to buy a pair of the Stax portable electrostats. This would truly bring out the PAV2's potential.
    For my first headphone amp, I have NOTHING but praise for it and it's designer Gary Ali.
    Hopefully this provides some insight from a 30 year + audiophile who is now getting into decent sounding portable audio
  5. Berserker
    I just ordered the PA2V2 from Gary. Very nice man indeed. I have a Clip+, and also just ordered the Hippo VB's. Really looking forward to receiving them.
    GreatDane, love the case. I was trying to think of something to do for a case myself.
  6. luckybaer
    Satisfied owner since 2006.
  7. cls
    Have it since 2008 fall works great for me!
  8. Mr Joboto
    It's done the job for me on many a long trip :)
  9. Berserker


    I'm leaving for Yellowstone June 25th. Should be great for drowning out the wife and kids, lol.[​IMG]
    bowei006 likes this.
  10. ianmedium
    I love mine and Gary is the perfect gentleman. It powers my K701's perfectly and also really increases the already great enjoyment I get from my Denon C700's.
    I use mine with a Barqy LOD but am awaiting an ebay bargin of a qables silvercab pro in mint condition I just won for $46!
  11. kmhaynes
    Just ordered mine earlier today.  Almost went with the JDSLabs Bass Boost CMoy, but don't really care for the tin case idea.
    Does it come with Alkaline or NiMH rechargables?
  12. mrarroyo Contributor
    I have owned two, one in mid 2005 being my first portable amp. Bought the second PA2V2 about two months ago and it sounds as good as I remembered. Gary's service is fantastic.
  13. pekingduck
    I have yet to receive mine but I must say Gary's a truly excellent guy to deal with!! Go Gary [​IMG]
  14. Berserker
    Just got my PA2V2 in today. I'm really enjoying it. Good quality, physically, and audibly.
  15. appophylite
    Bought mine back in '06 and have loved everything about it from the way it works and sounds, down to Gary's phenomenal customer service in the initial ordering phase, packing phase and follow-up.
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