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"out for delivery" - My favorite update to see in tracking.
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So I just got ostries new creation call the kc06A, the cooler looking very as stated by the website :relieved:. The the sound is more tuned to be natural and organic and more oh boy does it sound oh so delicious :yum:.
the most improvements is the bass which the first variant has some very tight speedy bass response and really nice textures to them:blush:, second improvements is the midrange being slightly a bit more full then the sibling which in turn make this on of the best vocals in an iem so far:yum:( I love a great midrange :smiley:), the treble remains the same. Beautiful sparkly fast making the whole sound complete and excellent :sunglasses:.
when more people come to realize the you don't honestly need to spend over a $100+ to get top tier sound and I'm so pissed off :unamused: because two days earlier I got the dunu dn2k( best midreange) and the ocharaku flat (best treble imho) and the funniest part is the this iem cost me $65 , same a the kc06 gold but the sound is the combination of both the dunu and ocharaku flat in one creating a iem the will blow the audio industry and cause a revolution soon enough. So will its brother the kc06 gold a really pissed customer,, but a happy person as well that I have discovered a gem that really show where all the money goes to :yum: tuning and build , not some schiitty advertising cough cough *** (beats by schiit:joy::unamused:) instead this little company brought us a game changer which will be in the hall of fame soon enough and me as a consumer and an audiophile will definitely support the till the end and will buy whatever the releases in the future :smiley::yum::heart_eyes::sunglasses:.

:relieved::yum::blush::smiley::grin::wink::heart_eyes::sunglasses:................ :unamused:

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+1 850 tips.
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You know that Mochill really likes an IEM when he creates a thread for it! Subbed!
  Got my KC06A last week and been using them for more than 100 hours already. Without any hesitation, I say yes they are better sounding overall than DN1K. IMHO the only area that DN1K were not beaten by KC06A is in 3D imaging, soundstage and treble quantity. Everything else is taken by KC06A. Although the Dunus are slightly better in clarity but thinner in mids presentation. I prefer the thicker and fuller mids of the Ostrys.
They blew the GR07 BEs out of the water. IMO, they are an upgrade if you're coming from the BEs. They have better bass response, texture, more rumble and can go deeper. BEs mids sound veiled compared to the Ostrys. The BEs have more treble quantity and well extended but prone to sibilance while I can not detect any sibilance to the Ostrys, they also have good treble extension. If KC06 made the BEs sound boring to me, the KC06A made them lifeless in comparison. Of  course, YMMV.

Bold words indeed! But, I believe you 

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Ok. Put 1.5 hours of listening in. I'm ready to make some first impressions.

Ran through a variety of tracks, frequency sweeps, binaural testing tracks and pink noise.

These are early impressions with an out-of-the-box earphone that I plan to give at least 50 hours of burn-in.

I only listened using a Fiji X3 with firmware 2.14beta. I plan on trying it with a C&C BH on the line out as well as other sources after burn-in. Didn't like the stock tips, so I switched to JVC FX850 tips.
On to the impressions.

Highs: forward, sparkly but lacking extension. Seems to be a peak in the 2-5hz. Micro details are lost.

Mids: Warm and smooth. Not recessed but definitely a step back from the rest of the spectrum. Lacks the dynamics and excitement of the bass and highs. Almost seems blunted. I'm love my midrange and this just doesn't leave me fulfilled.

Bass: Strong with some serious thump and rumble. Extends surprising low with authority: However, it has a midbass hump that kind of overshadows the subbass. A little bleeding into the lower-mids but goes unnoticed on most tracks.

Details and separation: The separation is a step above average, no real complaints there. Details are good except in the upper highs. I wasn't let down, but not really impressed.

Comfort and build: light weight and small. I have small canals despite the large nature of my pinna in general. When trying for a solid,deep insertion with the single flanges, there was some discomfort until I found the right angle.
They look great. Feel plasticy and the cables is annoyingly rubbery and springy. Forgot to check microphonics, but it didn't seem to bother me.

Soundstage: Everything is forward. Height, depth, and and width are all mediocre.

Overall: The sound is very forward and in your face. Would be great for EDM, Rap, and Pop. Not really great for live recordings or female vocals.
The pink noises was very revealing and accurate to my impressions from the tracks. While some things might settle into place, I don't see the soundstage changing at all. After having the JVC FX850 in my ears the past few days straight, there is really no comparison. These are simply outclassed. Not my cup of tea I guess, maybe they will be for others.
There are a lot of fantastic options under $100. These are pretty good for $80. I think they'd be better at $60. Even then, my personal preferences would pick the Havi B3 pro V1 over this.

***These are initial impressions. My opinion of what I hear with my specific setup. YMMV. My opinion may change after some burn-in and more head time, but I doubt it.***

Revolution? Naw.

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