The ORIVETI PRIMACY and NEW PRIMACY Triple-Driver Hybrid In-Ears Impressions and Discussions Thread

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  1. HardstyleLoco96
    Search in Yumen Xibalba, not many earphones can do it justice, the Audeze Insine 20 have though.....
  2. HiFlight
    Just received my New Primacy. I have, in the past, owned the original Primacy, but felt that the mids and highs were not convincingly balanced, but after an initial listen, I do feel the ONP is a noticeable step up and seems to be better balanced tonally than the original. I have not experienced any driver flex as of yet.
  3. Dobrescu George
    Some manage to vent their DD in such a way that flex doesn't happen. Like DK-3001
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  4. nort ycagel
    kinda settled with double flange and foam tips. The others (silicone and rubber) are just unusable for me.
    starting to enjoy the sound. The isolation is nice.

    I'm missing something from my old 1 more 1001 but since I'm new to all this audiophile stuff I can't quite understand what part of the spectrum it is
  5. makne
    they improve greatly with JVC spiral dots!
  6. pieman3141
    Same. Sometimes, the left piece sounds muffled until I flex my jaw and hear a click. Then, everything sounds normal.
  7. HiFlight
    iBasso CB12..$89.00 direct from iBasso. Excellent cable!
  8. nort ycagel
    I have the same problem. Walking with those IEM is pretty hard.
    Also, am I the only one noticing some balance issues?
  9. HiFlight
    I haven't had a fit issue as I have only been using very shallow insertion with large silicone tips. Spiral Dots work quite well as do the UE900 large silicones with the green insert. Both seal very well and keep the connector from pressing against the ear.
    So far, I have experienced no balance issues. FWIW, I am currently using my Linum Super Bax cable.
  10. makne
    Would it help to replace the mmcx csble with one with smaller/slimmer connectors?

    Also, using tips that extend further out could help you get a seal without jamming the housings too far into your ear. Have you tried spinfits?

    The mmcx connector angle is certainly unorthodox. Very vertical compared to other IEMs. I was afraid I was going to have the same problem when I ordered them, but luckily the angle fits perfectly to my ears.
  11. mgunin
    That's nice to hear. How would you compare ONP to IT03?
  12. HiFlight
    The stock cable is better on the ONP, as it is less tangle-prone and less susceptible to friction noise than that of the IT03. Sub-bass and soundstage is more expansive on IT03. ONP wins on build quality and size, as it is approx. 2/3 the size of the IT03. It is also all metal as opposed to the acrylic IT03. ONP also wins on included accessories and packaging. 1st rate!

    HOWEVER: I find the ONP soundstage to be rather compressed and large instrument and/or vocal groups to me sound rather squeezed together and seems to lack a sense of space. Mids, especially vocals, while a bit more forward than in the original Primacy, still sound recessed making the presentation sound unnatural to me. Also, instrumental timbre especially highs, sounds a bit off, tending to sound slightly metallic regardless of tips or cable choice. Overall, I prefer the tonality and balance of the IT03. The larger, more spacious soundstage of the IT03 also just seems more believable.

    As I have compared the two using the same music files and many different tips, I just can't convince myself that I really like the ONP, so it will be returned. To my ears, it didn't better or even match other mid-fi IEM's in my collection (q-Jays v2, Orion, IT03, Shozy Star II, Flares Pro)
    As always, these are my subjective opinions and YMMV!
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  13. Drunkenmunkey
    What comply tips should I use with these? As far as size and type of comply.
  14. koalkoal
    Per the Earphone Finder in COMPLY website, the 500 series will be good.
  15. davidcotton have a pair of new mocha new primacy for £209.00
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