the one problem i have with comply tips!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 4, 2005
I find comply tips to be the most comfortable option for me and they give me the best isolation with so many size choices...the one problem i do find with them is that after they have been in my ears for a while if i take them out they have gotten real soft and are difficult to put back in my ears immediately after like other tips..i have to wait a few minutes until they firm up a bit or else they do not give me the proper a result they tend to be excellent for one use but difficult to take out and put back in..say to answer the phone or have a conversation etc....anybody else have this issue or am i crazy?in comparison the shure olives do not have this problem as they are much firmer but for me not as comfortable and not as good in terms of i said,comply tips are my favorites but i wish they were a bit firmer
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Comply tips' firmness is temperature dependent. at the time you just take out the tips from your ear, they are still warm so they are really soft. they become harder after few minute because the heat is gone (tip's temperature goes back to room temperature) udring cold weather (freezing point) because the tip and environment is much colder. the tip become much harder. if they make Comply foam harder than it is now, I don't think you want to use them in really cold winter day
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I do understand the theory and for the most part they are point is simply that if i take them out for a minute and go to put them back in they are really too soft to even put back in my ear unless i wait for a while for them to firm up again....that is why i referred to them as good for one use in a time period

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