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The Official Sony TA-ZH1ES Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier (Live From IFA 2016)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by thatonenoob, Sep 1, 2016.
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  1. Lemieux66

    If you want to try out the Z1R, just order them from Amazon and return them for a full refund if they're not to your liking. You're well with your rights to do so.
  2. Rob49
    Yes, that is an option @Lemieux66 ( I'm hoping that i wouldn't want to return them ? ) Do you own them ?
  3. GoDiSLoVe
    I own HD800S and Z1R.
    They are both fantastic headphones. But if I had to pick one i would definitely go with Z1R.
    Simply because I enjoy more genres with them.
    In other words it allows me to listen to different types of music.
    Of course that's my taste.

    Also a sub-note - even tough HD800S has improved bass (compared to HD800) its still nowhere close to Z1R
    So if having a powerful bass is a requirement for you, you might consider that.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
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  4. kp297
    Keep in mind the Z1R was specifically developed for the TAZH1ES. This combination gives you the best synergy between an amplifier, DAC, and headphone you can get.
    I find the Z1R has the perfect combination of comfort, addicting yet relaxing sound with a speaker like presentation (it was tuned after Duntech studio speakers) and craftsmanship. After the Z1R for several months I’ve found that this headphone is a love letter to jazz, it is far better than the Sennheiser HD800S in this regard. See the video below.
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  5. Russell
    True, the LCD-3’s aren’t the lightest headphones around, but they are far from uncomfortable. The lambskin material really cushions your head and its weight is well distributed. I often wear mine for 2-3 hours at a time with no issues at all. As for how it looks, well, I guess it’s a matter of personal taste....
  6. purk Contributor
    Headphones aside, I think we have to agree how well built the TA-ZH1ES. Sony really did a great job on this one.
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  7. Lemieux66
    Yes, I own the TA, Z1R and also the 1A.

    Used to use the 1A for most of my listening but now I have a Roon Nucleus with an iPad for control. Sometimes I use the Nucleus headphone Crossfeed function which works well
  8. Rob49
    Don't know what a Roon Nucleus is ? Never heard of that brand. ( I use my ZX2 & have thought of buying a 1A, besides the Z1R. ) Are you happy with the Z1R's ?
  9. Lemieux66
    Yes, I’m happy with the Z1R. I like the combination with the TA. I only just bought a 3m balanced XLR4 copper cable for it. I sit quite a way from the system and have been using the stock 3m single-ended cable up to now. It was only £58 from eBay, but it allows me to use balanced output so I’m happy with it. I really liked the LCD3 and admired the HD800 but the Z1R with TA is the best option for me. Of course, my memories of STAX 007 ownership play on my mind sometimes too.

    [The Roon Nucleus is a small music server to which I’ve fitted a 2TB SSD with all my music inside. The Roon software is very good and the iPad provides a great interface for browsing my music. The Nucleus, SSD and iPad cost me £2000 but I wouldn’t be without Roon now. Plugging in a DAP as source is so limited].
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  10. Rob49
    Thanks Greg, for your feedback. I'm certainly veering towards the Z1R. I think for the fact that i'm so happy with my TA, so i think it's unlikely i'd be disappointed ? I listen balanced all the time, infact if i now listen unbalanced, i soon switch back.

    Thanks for explanation of Roon Nucleus. ( I don't own an ipad. ) Love of audio, is a greatly enjoyable hobby, but it can also be expensive, too. ( Which of course, we all know ! )
  11. ACheah
    Hey Guys, after lusting and wanting the TA-ZH1ES, i finally pulled the trigger and got 1. Now my question is what USB cable is good to get for this badboy. Any Suggestions is welcome. Thank you
  12. purk Contributor
    I go with a silver conductor cable. A solid silver USB cable will tighten up the bass and add a little more speed to the sound. A more extended treble doesn't hurt either. Best to go with silver-gold conductor USB cable but that can be pricey!
  13. Redcarmoose
    The two join so well together especially with the Sony MUC-B20SB1 cable. Adding the cable takes the Z1R to an extra level both in definition and bass texture. I almost wonder if there would have been better consistency of Z1R opinions if the TA was always used to power the headphones?

    One suggestion around is the AudioQuest Carbon or Cinnamon USB. Typically they have been used to join the Sony Dock holding a DAP for the TA amp. I have one arriving in two weeks so l’ll post any improvements if they happen.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
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  14. Lookout57
    I second the Audioquest Carbon or Cinnamon.

    I have the Carbon to attach my WM1Z in the Sony dock to the TA and the Cinnamon to attach my WM1A in the Sony dock on my other TA.
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  15. nghenhac
    hi guys,
    I remember someone here said this amp sound just so so when using usb. However, he was not sure it might that his ipad/macbook had problem.
    So, had anyone using it using usb and listen through headphone?

    Please let me know.
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