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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Deftone
    Sounds like shallower fit might not work well for you, IE800/S is more shallow than IE80 due to the tiny nozzle.
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  2. GiacomoHoldini
    Thanks. Wow...shallower than the IE80. That could be a problem. Better to know now.
  3. Dobrescu George
    I have better fit with IE800 than with IE80, because IE800 is smaller.

    IE800's tips do get slippery if you don't wash them though, but lately this hasn't really been an issue either, just wipe them with a clean cloth :)
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  4. Dobrescu George
    I actually have a shallower fit with |IE80 because it has a larger bore than cannot enter my ear at all, while IE800's tiny nozzle sits deeper in my ear :)
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  5. joshnor713
    I also had a tougher time with the fit on the IE 80 S than IE 800. I actually never had such a problem with tips than with the IE 80 S, and had to really dig in the medium tips for it to seal at all. The IE 800 tips aren't a walk in the park either, but I can get it to work. Sennheiser needs to work on their tip ergonomics.
  6. subguy812
    I am fortunate that the large silicon tips fill my big ear hole and seal well.
  7. GiacomoHoldini
    Thanks for the replies, guys. I knows everybody's ears are different, so one person's good fit could be another's lousy one. I was just thinking if the IE80 could serve as a benchmark for comparison, I might be able to gauge how the IE800/S might fit me, since I don't know of any dealers in my area that would have a pair to try. (Nothing came up in the Sennheiser dealer search.) But it sounds like they are different enough that making a direct comparison would be tricky.
  8. Dobrescu George
    Very different from IE80,

    Ie80 had a large bore, hard to insert deeply, very shallow typical fit, always pushed them back in, got best comfort with double flanged

    IE800 has a deeper fit, inserts normal depth, only requires adjustments if your ears sweat and if they get slippery, wipe on shirt or paper, also wipe the tips, ready to use again without issues.

    Sound is also extremely different, no actual similarities,

    IE80 is bassy, somewhat smooth on the top end, no focus on instrument separation but very large soundstage size, amazing for a IEM.

    Ie800 is V-shaped with energetic top end, a lot of sub-bass, not a lot of mid-bass (like IE80), recessed mids, strong treble with excellent glimmer, instrument separation is in top 5 of IEMs ever created regardless of price range, soundstage size is not large or spread, rather within normal boundaries, it is the instrument separation that makes it so impressive, very revealing
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  9. subguy812
    Are you asking about the IE800 or the IE800S? I think George is referring to the IE800 when giving sound comparisons.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
  10. Dobrescu George
    Good point, I am refering to IE800 and not IE800S when writing the above, I think we should emphasize more that they are different. I am waiting on IE800S, only have the IE800 at this moment.
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  11. GiacomoHoldini
    I was asking about the IE800S, actually, but I don't mind input on the IE800, either. I know the IE800S looks and sounds different from the IE800, but I thought they fit the same. Do they not? I've read enough to have a pretty good idea of the sonic differences; my primary concern is fit, since that has been an ongoing problem I have with the IE80.
  12. davidmolliere
    @GiacomoHoldini Fit is strictly identical between the IE800S and IE800, as you pointed out signatures are different the S is much more balanced
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  13. hfflt
    I do realize that it's a pretty big gap, price and topology wise but how IE800S compares to HD598? Anyone have tried both?
  14. Sound~Patriot
    Now...after around 120h burn-in and quite a lot listening hours i really have to admit they are some great DDs. Lovely uncomplicated and natural. They definitely will stay by my side for a while :)
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  15. subguy812
    The have moved very far up my favorites list...
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