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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. juang1985
    question for HD800S and IE800S owners out there. Yesterday I spend a quite a bit of time (3 or 4hrs) listening to my IE800S during the day. When I got home and I tried listening to my HD800S I did not like the sound as much as I remembered. I found the HD800S a bit too bright on the treble, and a bit thin sounding compared to my IE800S. Not Saying the IE800S is superior the HD800S but for sure very different sound signatures that takes time to get used to once you have been listening for a long time to either one of them and you swap to the other. I almost feel like the IE800S should not be called 800S it should be something else.. like IE900s or something. 800S makes u think that sound signature is similar to HD800S and this just not true.
    I also remember when I first got my IE800S and I tired listening to them I did not like them as much (my ears were used to HD800S) I found the sound lacking detail and just a bit boring. That, ofcorse changed over time.

    I am not sure if i like what Im experiencing since it wont be easy for me to switch between one and the other without some ear adjustment time period.

    your thoughts?
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  2. Deftone
    I think the intended name IE(800) was meant to signify that it is a serious high end “audiophile” product like the full sized headphone HD800. I don’t think it’s meant to represent similar tonal balance and sound quality just a top tier product from Sennheiser.

    Regarding the sound when switching between the two well this is the reason I never have more than one earphone/ headphone at a time, I’m not one of those headfiers that can switch between 5 pairs of different headphones depending on mood or genre I struggle readjusting to the sound. If it was me I’d pick one that fit my lifestyle better and then sell the other. For me that would be the earphones because I’m away from home more than at home but that’s just me. Hope this helps.
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  3. tracyca
    20180210_172221.jpg This is a great combo for the ie 800s!
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  4. EagleWings
    Hi there. I own a HD800S. While I have not heard the IE800S, I have seen measurements of both IE800S and HD800S. And what you are hearing, seems to be in line with the intended tuning of both the phones.

    HD800S was tuned for a reference sound. The lack of sufficient bass and the brighter upper-mid and lower treble, makes the headphone sound thin and bright.

    @Barra introduced me to this plug-in (for both PC and Mac) called the True-Fi from the company Sonarworks. This plug-in has EQ correction for many popular headphones, including HD800S. With the EQ applied, the HD800S has a more balanced sound with more bass, and smoother treble, as the software adds more low-end and removes the peaks in the highs. You lose a tiny bit of details in the process, but then it offers a fatigue-free sound.

    The best part about True-Fi is, it is a system-wide audio plug-in. Meaning, you could listen to Spotify or watch a video on YouTube, and still get the same EQ correction applied for your HD800S.

    They offer a 10 day trial and right now, they are running a CanJam special until the end of Feb, that you could buy it for $50 with the coupon code: "canjammy". At $50, the software is not cheap. But I might be worth it if you use the HD800S extensively on your PC/Mac.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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  5. juang1985

    I have True-Fi, I like it with the HD800S sometimes. Like u said, you do lose a bit of detail for a more relaxed warmer sound.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that if you are coming from HD800s to a IE800s be ready to give it time so you can fully enjoy the IE800s and same applies if you get the Ie800s first then get HD800s. Both are amazing, but very different sound signatures
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  6. Rob80b
    Ditto....I just have the ie800....but yes they're so diametrically opposed from my HD800S in size, fit, sound signature and most importantly intended use (indoors/outdoors) they really can't be compared to each other and yet I really like them both.
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  7. Partlys4int
    Klipsch has a patent (yes, it's strange but true) on oval silicone eartips. So that might have a whole lot to do with it.
  8. Deftone
    I listened to a recent interview with Axel Grell and he mentioned that the HE1 is now their benchmark for a reference tuning. I wonder if this was part of the reason for the re tune of the IE800 to make it a lot more balanced, people complained a lot more about the design of the previous model than the sound so I don’t think it was done on a complaints basis. I actually really love this IE800S tuning like I have said in previous posts, it’s right down the middle in a way that it has smoothness and richness of HD650 and technical ability of HD800S. Axel also hints at possibly the next flagship being a trickle down from the HE1 but it’s quite a few years away.
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  9. subguy812
    The more I listen to the IE800S the more they move up my favorites list. The signature checks so many positive boxes. It has a smooth richness throughout the signature without the warmth impeding the details. The DD bass is incredible and hits well below the belt when the track has a deep sub. It is very technically proficient in how it displays the music without the slightest bit of sharpness. Overall a wonderful tuning.
  10. Exit
    Bought this baby at an airport two weeks ago. This pair of in-ear is the most balanced yet engaging one I've ever heard (Paired with Dx200 Amp3/Amp4).

    Amp4 has a fit issue with Pentagon 4.4 jacks which Sennheiser employs. Just cut a very thin ring off from the base of any unwanted silicon eartip. Slide the ring to the bottom of IE800S' 4.4 jack. Problem solved.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  11. subguy812
    Enjoy...they are pretty damn engaging. I am beginning work on my review.
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  12. kalo86
    Hello guys, I live in Italy and there is not a store which sells the IE800S. For this reason I should have to order (which means that I have to pay with no test) and buy the IE800S as a "closed box".
    I will not have any chance to test the IE800S before buying them... And for this reason I don't like to spend about 1000€ for a product that I know only on the paper/internet/pictures/reviews. I would like to test them.
    Now the question: if I buy directly from the Sennheiser Store, may I return the product if I am not satisfied? What country of the Sennheiser Shop do I have to choose in order to buy the IE800S (from the available country list, Italy is not available....)?

  13. Dobrescu George
    Amazon or any reputable seller with a strong return policy :)

    Sennheiser is in Germany / Austria so you can get a good one from there, with their services.
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  14. kalo86
    I'm monitoring Amazon.de but IE800S are still not available...
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  15. subguy812
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