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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Dobrescu George
    Working on it!

    Just got AMP5, and I want to do the burn-in before I asses its sound.

    IT is a lovely AMP module so far, but I haven't had time to plug ie800 in yet.
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  2. davidmolliere
    Will do, just not used to have to do this, hope it's not the amp
  3. Deftone
    People seem to really love the DX200, I didn’t get on well with it because of a digital bite in the treble and it lacked fluidity. Each to their own.
  4. twister6 Contributor
    ... and then they released AMP2, AMP3, AMP4, and AMP5 to mitigate the problem of reference/analytical tonality you probably referring to :wink:
  5. Mimouille
    I also don't like it's looks and feel too much. Do the amps solve that :wink:
  6. Dobrescu George
    It is one of the best DAPs in the world, along with X7mkii and Opus #2. There just isn't place to go much better, and feel of the device really is nice on DX200. Very few devices are similarly nice to hold in hand and use.
  7. gc335
    What're your thoughts on the IE800 paired with the DX200 versus the Fiio X7ii? I might trade a pair of cans for the X7 and I'm trying to figure out if it would compliment the DX200 or not be worth it.

    BTW, I just picked up the AM2 from a fellow Head-Fier. I should have my IE800 tomorrow and the amp module by the end of the week.
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  8. Dobrescu George
    I think it really matters on how much you can hear fine nuances.

    I think that both DX200 and X7mkii have pretty similar transparency, detailing and revealing abilities. Depending on the AMP module, either can be warmer or have more air in the treble, but they are really similar in their technical ability.

    With AMP1 on DX200, DX200 can be a very bit more revealing and analytical, while X7mkii is ever so slightly warmer, while with AMP5 this changes a bit and DX200 becomes the warmer DAP. I think that with AMP2, DX200 is ever so slightly warmer than X7mkii - but Brother Alex @twister6 might have better info in his review of AMP2 as I only have AMP1, AMP3 and AMP5.

    There is a larger difference in their software and device shape and usage, to the point where I'd make a decision based on that rather than sound alone, as I really like both.

    But they are quite similar as far as many things go -

    - Both have awesome displays that have lots of brightness, nice colors and sharp resolution
    - Similar battery life
    - Both devices are quick and snappy
    - Neither needs to scan its database on cold start
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  9. twister6 Contributor
    No, for that you will have to wait for DX200Cu, gold plated OFC just like your 1Z and another additional 250g of weight :wink: It will look and feel just the way you like it :p
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  10. Dobrescu George
    We're not sure if it'll weight an extra though - iBasso doesn't have to also make it heavier necessarily.

    I think it is amazing that they're making the CU variation though.
  11. Deftone
    Instead of messing around with casing materials why not have a better dac implementation to improve the sound?
  12. Deftone
    I have been listening to good amount of equipment for IE800S out of curiosity for a while.
    From best to worst,

    Hugo 2 > Lotoo Paw Gold > Mojo > Cowon Plenue 2 > Lotoo Paw 5000 mk2 > AK70 mk2 > IBasso DX200 > Shanling m2s > FiiO X7 mk2 > FiiO X5 mk3.

    I can’t believe how amazing the Lotoo and chord gear sounds, super fast, fluid,micro detailed, effortless presentation and so many textures it’s hard to choose.

    Everything else below AK70 sounded too close to my iPhone 8 to be worth the money.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
  13. Dobrescu George
    I know we agree on ie800, so I know you should like them ie800's so have an idea of what you like as a signature.

    I don't fully understand your tastes in DAPs though - X7mkii is better than Mojo to those ears, same for DX200. Better general separation and soundstage to my ears. I think maybe we are not looking at the same factors when judging DAPs :darthsmile:

    Why would you rate M2s above X7mkii, if you don't mind me asking? I have DX200, X7mkii, M2s, Opus #2, Megamini and iDSD Micro BL, and iDSD Nano BL to compare - I;d love to better understand what is your main factor for picking a DAP.

    The fact is, X7mkii, DX200, and Opus #2 sound quite close to my ears, and iDSD Micro BL is also close, more or less. All above Mojo. M2s is under Mojo and under the others, and Megamini is somewhere in between, if you don't mind their hiss.
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  14. Deftone
    Instrument separation and soundstage is already excellent on the new IE800S it doesn’t need any help there but simply that the mojo sounds effortless compared to other daps around the same price or more, they also don’t have the depth, layering and detail extraction. I didn’t realise music could sound so fluid until I heard the Lotoo and chords.

    Mojo is king of all daps and dac amps under £1,000 at the moment unless I hear more stuff that nocks it off the throne. It’s just stupid value for money and people always say chord could have charged £900 instead of £400 and people would have still purchased it for its sound quality.

    When I did comparison with iDSD Black label the BL was quite close to mojo but had a harder treble and lacked that fluidity. It’s hard to explain for me but it’s like no missed steps in the music, “PRAT” on point? I don’t know...

    I Love the IE800S and I love my rock and metal so I just want it reproduced in the best way possible. The other gear just doesn’t scratch the itch. This is of course how I feel about it and everyone hears differently.

    In the end if I had to choose a Dap for absolute SQ it would be the Paw Gold and for a Dac it would be Hugo2
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  15. Dobrescu George
    It is exactly cause of that top end that I like iDSD BL more than Mojo or Hugo actually - I prefer to hear that cymbal crash that makes me head bang :darthsmile:

    I guess I get your point now - at least a bit.

    Interesting since our tastes are somewhat similar, that we hear sources a bit different :smile_phones:

    At any rate, as long as you find something you like, thjat is awesome. I guess this is why so many high end DAPs exist, to satisfy everyone and their personal itch :)
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