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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. davidmolliere
    Indeed the black mate finish makes them understated compared to the original glossy ceramic...

    The low footprint is such that you can’t see much of them anyway :p
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  2. Mimouille
    Well customs look like hearing aids and the Tia Fourte look like giant boogers so there is competition :D
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  3. davidmolliere
    Waiting for AMP4, I just did a quick listening of the S with the iPad Pro 10.5 (a Cirrus Logic CS42L83A chip from what I have read) and it’s a clear setup from the iPhone X (or should I say the dongle) much better separation and detail and overall very balanced presentation. Very enjoyable, and not bad either playing movies wide soundstage, good imaging. Nice pairing even if it won’t be the primary use.
  4. Lemieux66
    Just unboxed and plugged in my new IE800S to the Sony WM1A through 4.4mm balanced and been listening for a few minutes. The microphony is bad! Every tiny head movement causes loud wind/thunder like sounds to be heard. I've never used IEMs before, are they all like this? Maybe it comes with the territory? Seems they're not much good unless I sit motionless, which is a problem because I wanted them for portable/outdoor use. When the cable knocks against my chest it sounds like a kick drum in my head!

    Any advice? Feeling rather disappointed here...
  5. BlinkST
    You can try using a shirt clip.
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  6. Lemieux66

    I think that did help a little, thanks.

    At the moment the sound is quite bright, fatiguing and light in the bass. Maybe this will reduce as they run in for an hour or so...
  7. Sc00p
    You tried the other tips? I tend do find them fatiguing with light bass is I use tips that are too small. With you mentioning about not using iems in the past, you may not be aware of the importance of seal.
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  8. Lemieux66
    Tried both types included. The silicone felt the most comfortable. You could be right there, I might not know how to use these iems to their best yet.

    * Now tried the Large Comply tips which have given a much tighter seal, and the SQ has improved. A lot of clarity, detail and resolution. Coming from Sony Z1R, I'm still not 100% on the bass quantity yet though.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  9. Raketen
    Pretty common with IEMs, but some cables are better than others, it is also affected by individual fit/anatomy too i believe.

    In addition to aforementioned shirt clip wearing them with the cable running over/behind your ear might help as well.
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  10. Lemieux66
    Playing Snarky Puppy on Spotify with my Xperia XZ1 Compact and the IE800S. Sounds very good, so much so I've had to order the CD to put on my WM1A!
    Thanks for the reply. I did try the over-the-ear thing but the detachable cord is too short and rubs on my throat when I turn my head. It did work to reduce noise a bit though. Funnily enough, I'm cooking now at home and the microphony isn't really bothering me much at all. Maybe just an initial shock which has subsided? I have to admit the air guitar is out in full force! XD

    I bought these IE800S to cover me at home and on the move, but I think I'd still be best to go for the Sony Z1R which I borrowed last week.
  11. davidmolliere
    Shirtclip can help a bit to relieve strain but not so much for microphonics, I find wearing them over ear is a must on the go (I don't get any microphonics this way). This is a know issue with those IEMs...

    If you want to get bass quantity similar to full sized headphone and especially Z1R, not many IEMs will fit the bill... maybe the Vega :)
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  12. Raketen
    Even if you wear the cable behind your head? Disappointing to read, Sennheiser don't always show love to the bigheads, wideheads and longheads.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  13. Lemieux66
    After a couple of hours or so, the bass has really improved substantially. The bass guitar in Steely Dan's Gaslighting Abbie is incredibly articulate and deep, and Near Wild Heaven from REM is sounding very solid in the bass guitar too. The more I listen, the more impressed I am...and the resolution is phenomenal across the frequency range :)
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  14. Lemieux66
    Double post.
  15. Lemieux66
    I didn't try it behind my head actually, that might be a solution there.
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