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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Raketen
    I've had some dynamics that pick up hiss.... think it is more to do with sensitivity, tuning & the "right" source than driver type, BA do often have high sensitivity though.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
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  2. khatch
    I have approximately 30 hours of listening time in now, with probably 150 hours of play time, on my new IE800 S.

    I'm finding, that while the bass is generally more articulate than on my IE800, that something is missing - completely missing - in the lower range of frequencies. At times they seem to extend audibly lower than the IE800, but on a number of soundtrack pieces and classical pieces with heavy and complex percussion sections there is sound missing from the attack/leading edge of the percussion strikes. The effect destroys the physical pressure wave, and thus impact, of the bass portion of the tone. Beyond this issue they seem to have a metallic sheen on their higher end that my IE800 does NOT have. So, in the low end they seem to be subtractive, while in the upper registers they seem to be additive.

    Is anyone else experiencing something similar?
  3. vrln
    Still waiting for my IE 800 S to arrive, but from memory (owned them twice) the IE 800 to my ears had a noticeable boost in the sub bass frequencies. With a perfect seal it seemed to increase going from upper treble to sub bass. It added a kind of nightclub bass sound* to almost everything. To be honest it was the only reason why I sold them in the end as I find that too overdone (the mids and treble were the best I´ve heard in an IEM). Could it be that the IE 800 S is more linear in the bass? (yet perhaps extending deeper)

    My experience is that many IEM manufacturers add a boost to the sub bass to emulate the effect larger on ear headphones have with sub bass sound waves physically hitting the ears. Due to this reason some boost there I think is needed for a closer to reference tonality, but the question is how much is ideal? This is a question of preference though...

    * Yet outside in noisy environments they sounded closer to reference, my issue was only when listening in quiet environments.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2017
  4. Deftone
    I love metal so percussion is very important to me, drums mainly and the IE800S differers depending on the recording. Some albums drums sound softer and laid back in the mix and some albums drums are sharp, upfront and intensive with with a powerful snap. Cymbals also vary, sometimes not very audible and other times loud with fantastic shimmer and decay. I hear no metallic sheen.

    I hate to say this cliche but with IE800S you hear the music as the artist intended. With my other iems they make everything sound a certain way like the sound is “fixed” but with IE800S I am hearing so many different flavours. Soft recordings, sharp recordings, bassy recordings, bright recordings etc

    On the original IE800 the sub bass was too strong imo and now it’s tamed and overall more balanced sounding. I have had my Senns for almost a month and I have enjoyed them thoroughly every day.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  5. MM1990
    Thanks for that. That was kind of the last statement I needed to convince me to buy them :)
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  6. Lemieux66
    Anyone using the IE800S with the Sony Signature Series DAPs? I've got the WM1A and might get a WM1Z and was wondering whether they'd be a good match with the Sennheisers.
  7. thefitz
    I love the subtle advertising!
  8. Mimouille
    For Rhapsodio? Yeah it's a bit heavy handed.
  9. thefitz
  10. Lemieux66
    Are there any discount codes that work on the Sennheiser site? I signed up to the news letter but haven't received any codes.
  11. YorkshireBloke
    Yes, I'm using mine with the WM1A. They are a great match, I'm using balanced connection with the comply tips. (The silicone tips sound light on bass) The sound is wonderfully detailed and transparent. They are so revealing....poor recordings sound awful, but good quality recordings are simply stunning. (I've notched up the treble and the bass on the eq for my ears). See my earlier posts on the overall package/accessories. It's fun trying different settings on different types of music, lots of headroom to play with; can't think of what more you'd want (or could get) soundwise in an iem.
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  12. FastAndClean
    can you use them on a desktop setup, can they be used instead of full size cans?
  13. maii
    does ie800s up to Layla ii? I am using ie800 and thinking of upgrade to Layla ii for balanced input reason. ie800s also have balanced option as well. Has anyone ever compare balanced between the two?
  14. Lemieux66
    That's a very good question, I'm thinking whether I could just have the IE800S as my only HP/IEM and just use them all the time. I've got the Sony MDR-Z1R and MDR-1000X here right now but maybe these IEMs could so it all?
  15. Sc00p
    I just read someone said that the S sounds more metallic on top when compared to the originals.
    I don't have the most experience describing sounds, but it caught my eye because I actually had the opposite thought but didnt even know it was a word people use to describe.
    When I put my originals in after a 2 week break with the S, my first instinct was the treble sounded somehow metallic.
    Just goes to show, the only real way to know is to try yourself.
    I saw a similar thing in the iCan pro reviews, people described the tube+ mode as the hybrid tube/solid state sound and the tube as the tube stage.
    Their descriptions are the opppsite to what my ears hear + in the instructions it says tube+ is the tube stage with added feedback to bring out more tube sound.
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