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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. soundblast75
    I can confirm that to my disappointment it doesn't.have both here and i guess Senn wants us to go buy another one for S.
    Since other than tuning this is essentially the same headphone i find this plain rude of them
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  2. chickenmoon
    As is well known, some people, especially of the older kind, have hearing deficiencies that don't let them hear high frequencies too well or at all. I'd rather think that's the reason between discrepancies in how people report hearing top end treble and not because some saw an FR graph beforehand and hallucinate the peak, no youtube neuroscience guru will convince me otherwise.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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  3. jmills8
    Thats what I heard.
  4. Mimouille
    I hear some seemingly conflicting impressions on the mid bass, some say it has been tamed on the S, others that there is more mid bass focus on the S. The second one scares me a bit as I found the original IE800 to have a bit too much of mid bass to my taste.
  5. Deftone
    Metal guy here. IE800s still has this, the mid actually sounds slightly more present imo, guitars are raw and crunchy.

    Right now I’m listening to Slayer - South of Heaven (1988) High quality recording with good dynamic range.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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  6. james444 Contributor
    With a perfect seal, my 5 year old IE800 have no mid-bass bloat whatsoever, just a steady rise from lower mids down to sub-bass. However, a perfect seal isn't easy to achieve with these tiny IEMs. If your seal is ever so slightly leaky, then sub-bass is the first thing to go and the IEMs will sound more mid-bassy. Now, I'm not ruling out product variance for the IE800, but tend to believe that most people who hear mid-bass bloat don't get a perfect seal.

    In my direct A/B comparison, bass characteristics on the IE800S reminded me somewhat of an IE800 with a slightly leaky seal. I heard the main bass emphasis consistently in mid-bass, and even with a perfect seal on the IE800S, could not coax sub-bass comparable to the old IE800 out of it. My understanding is that they deliberately tuned down the sub-bass just a little on the IE800S. And if you up the volume a notch to achieve similar overall bass levels between IE800S and IE800, you'll end up with a warmer and more mid-bassy sounding IE800S as compared to the older IE800 (both with perfect seal).

    Anyway, that's just one subjective opinion, but maybe it helps to shed some light on these seemingly conflicting impressions...
  7. Mimouille
    It has been quite a long time. I remember finding the mid bass a bit much. I think I had nice seal, but maybe it is because I was not used to dynamic iems which move more air.
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  8. Dobrescu George
    Since I'm one of the very young folks here, around 23 years old, I can totally hear everything from 10 kHz all the way to about 19 kHz, and it makes a huge deal of a difference to me.

    Since it might actually not make a difference to older music lovers, their input and opinions are as valuable as mine are, but just for the record, some younger folks do hear those things.

    I mention this once again, most audiophiles might be older than me and thus it makes little difference to them, but to me it does.
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  9. Deftone
    Same results for me George and I’m 27
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  10. thefitz
    Putting the IE800 measurements next to those IE800S measurements using the same rig would have put the issue to bed - so obviously, that I truly believe not doing so is deliberately deceptive.

    Forget whether or not these 10kHz spikes "exist" - those that hear them think you're insane not to hear them. Or the people who don't hear them don't listen to music with cymbals in it. In any event, if we had before/after measurements of the IE800/IE800S, we'd be able to see the difference in measurements in that area. Instead, we discuss measurements from different rigs, and dismiss the 10kHz spike existing in pretty much every other measurement system ever. It's not that big of a jump to assume that this wasn't done because a direct comparison like that may reveal that the differences aren't that significant and that would hurt the marketing.

    I know how sensitive we are here to linking to other sites - but I read on an old measurements blog as suggestion of putting HiFiMAN filters on the IE800. I did that, and maybe it's placebo, but I don't find them nearly as hard around 10kHz, but definitely still bright and clear! My friend has an unmodded set, so I'll compare them when I can and let you know what I find. Assuming my remarks above won't get me banned.
  11. Dobrescu George
    It looks to me like I did a double post by mistake. This shouldn't have been possible, but doesn't matter! Let's keep the ie800S conversation going!
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
  12. 7onyMustDive
    Darn, this is one huge selling point of the Xelentos since it comes with a good cable with mic. Is there a mic cable for the S at all right now? the RCS 800 cable dosen't fit the aesthetics of the S, so I figure if there is one it'll probably look like the ie800s's black cable.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
  13. JacquesDewitt
    Hello, I am evaluating the purchase of an iem, so my main options are ie800s and xelento.
    But I have some doubts:
    -The ie800s has removable cables?
    -Presents much hiss?
    My intention is to use it chord Hugo 2 and dx200.
    Previously, I had a bad experience with iem presenting much hiss, so would be grateful for their comments.

  14. Dobrescu George
    No hiss for ie800s, the cables are removable from the Y split rather than from the IEM itself.

    No hiss with DX200 for ie800 or any IEM I have actually, you shouldn't worry.

    Cannot talk about them Hugo 2....
  15. Deftone
    None with Hugo 2
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