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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Rob80b

    No drop at all on my end from 1k to 3k but there appeared to be increased energy at around 5k and 7k, which I believe was Sennheiser's goal in preserving detail when competing with external ambient noise.[/QUOTE]
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  2. Kunlun
    Totally agree!
  3. YorkshireBloke
    There are so many variables here, and you can adjust the sound through the tips, eq’s etc, to suit your taste. I’m new to this type of analysis (I’m not new by age unfortunately), and ultimately what people want to know really are these a good buy or not. The answer to this is ‘it depends what you are looking for’.If you want a crisp, sweet sound that is exceptionally detailed, then jump in with confidence.

    They’re isn’t a 10khz spike as I said earlier, at least I don’t hear one. But I do turn up the treble on my eq for the ultimate crispness that I love.

    I described my earlier experiences out of the box a couple of weeks ago. Have they got better since then? For me yes, I was advised in an earlier post that there is no such thing as “burn-in” on these - I disagree.

    I really don’t know how you could improve on the sound here, and ultimately that’s what matters. I just wish the that Sennheiser had put a bit more effort into the accessories and packaging. Premium price should equal premium experience every time we pick these up.

    Sound 10/10 - Amazing. Seriously. These are incredible. I was trying to think of the right words....versatile, flexible, airy, tight, delicate, powerful, spacious - so much headroom all round....you can adjust and play around to suit your tastes for each song, via tips, insertion depth and eq. How do they do this in such tiny buds?
    Cables 7/10 - love the balanced connection, plugs all feel nice and solid. Cable itself feels thin, and has microphonic issues.
    Case & Accessories - 6/10 - quality leather to the case, but it’s not practical, its fussy to use and I don’t like the ‘sponge’ interior (I like the look of their ‘Dior’ range, it should really be like this, or a nice quality soft leather pouch). Accessories & Packaging was a bit disappointing, I would have loved to have seen a special premium feel.

    Edit: the ie800 was plagued by fradulent copies. The ie800s appear even easier to copy, matt grey housing, single coloured cable, thinner outer box. Recommend that you buy them from a reputable dealer / direct from Sennheiser.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  4. Philo
    Hi guys! A question: how to compare the bass response strength by the IE 800 S compare to the original IE 800? (I must to say that I'm a little bit basshead. A month ago I've tried the IE 800s, with my Sony NWZ-F886 with EQ, bass on maximum... It was a dream... On Xmas I'm going to by them. DDD)
  5. khatch
    Mine just arrived. It totally escapes my comprehension why Sennheiser can't deal with the issue of such a horribly microphonic cable.........UGH!!!!!!!!
  6. khatch
    Exactly. I'd second that motion.
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  7. Kunlun
    Wear them over-the-ear. Problem solved.
  8. Dobrescu George
    @twister6 I don't think you can have a resolving tonality unless you talk about how the tonality has something like a U shaped sound that makes it resolving by default. But then again, it is not the tonality which is resolving, but the headphone itself has good resolving abilities.

    I don't think I want comply on any IEM in this world! :smile_phones:

    Nothing wrong with Comply, no foam satisfies me that well, it sucks out too much for my old ears.
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  9. khatch
    LOL....gee thanks. Yah, if only. I can't wear them over the ear. The cable length above the y isn't long enough, just like with my original IE800.
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  10. Kunlun
    Ah, but the cable above the Y is longer, yes?

    Pictures showed a longer cable, but above or below the Y?

    I should note that I wear the ie800 over-the-ear, so the ie800S will work for me either way, but I'd like to be able to recommend people wear it that way more widely. Otherwise, there is ye olde shirte clippe.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  11. khatch
    Same length as the IE800 above the Y, roughly 6 inches longer below the Y. Thanks for nothing Sennheiser.
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  12. cooperpwc
    Really disappointed to hear this. But thank you for the report. Probably saved me a $1,000.

    (On the other hand, I am fine with using Complys, i.e. putting a slight leash on the treble is not my personal issue. I hope that someone can test the IE800S with Complys and report on the microphonics.)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Just want to step in here with something. What Jude is showing is that there are some different measurements around - not that others are garbage - just that others are measuring differently. Jude - are yours raw or is there compensation applied? What is the standard?

    Reason I'm saying this is that there was similar debate regarding Judes differences with Tylls measurements of the MDR-Z1R (I think). Funnily enough - that was also in the 10 kHz area. I'd want to measure the same IE800S on a few rigs and compare the raw measurements before saying anyone's measurements are garbage. Another interesting thing is that there were more measurements showing a 10 kHz peak around the net with that pair of headphones - in fact I think Jude's may have been the only measurement that wasn't. So when something like this comes up, I'd be holding off any judgement.

    Next thing to note - Alex is using my compensation curve for my Veritas on my set-up. It's been calibrated as well as I can to mimic an IEC711 raw measurement, and I already acknowledge that at 9-10 kHz on my rig, my calibration measures lower than it should. Above 10 kHz on my set-up its a crap shoot - the Veritas is pretty inaccurate. However - up to around 8 kHz my measurements on my rig seem to be pretty good. How do I know? Because I had help (from Ken) in getting some accuracy. We both measured the same IEMs (we mailed them back and forth) and I could check and recheck. He also gave me his raw data and I used that to build the curves. Again - from 9 kHz onward I wouldn't call mine accurate - but I have already had 2 manufacturers (other than Ken) tell me that my rig is pretty close to what they are seeing on their own professional rigs at 8 kHz and under.

    The important thing though is that while Alex might be using the same brand gear, it is not the same gear. Our mics will be slightly different, our other gear too, and almost certainly how we measure (even the actual ffts etc). I always use the same tip, the same insertion depth , and I have it crudely rigged for the same angle. This is one of the reasons why I can get repeatable results months apart. I also use an amp between the measuring device - and its been the same amp for at least the last 2 years (this is so I have a low impedance when measuring). I guess what i'm trying to say is that my compensation curve is calibrated for my exact measurement set-up. I gave it to Alex and have given it to other Veritas owners because it will help fix some of the fundamental issues with their Veritas measuring low from 4 kHz onward. But you should not expect absolute matching to mine, nor absolute accuracy. I think mine is pretty good for what it is.

    Lastly - if Jude is measuring to a compensated standard and the rest of us are not, then there are likely to be huge inconsistencies. So before we automatically proclaim the person with the biggest $$$$ set-up to be the most accurate, and the rest rubbish, lets see what we are actually measuring first ........
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  14. Mimouille
    I hadn't witnessed people comparing measurements since high school.

  15. vrln
    I thought I was already done with anything non-wireless when it comes to portable audio, but I´m too much of a Sennheiser fanbuy to pass this up... Got a good deal for one and should get it hopefully within a few weeks when the first shipment arrives. Used to own the IE 800 and used it a ton, so I think I´ll be able to compare the two pretty well. Jude´s initial impressions are already very encouraging. What I most hope from the successor is a slightly less "fun" sound signature (IE 800 subwoofer was always on!) and a bit more linearity. IE 800 still has the best midrange out of any IEM I´ve heard so far. I also never heard any 10kHz treble spike in the original. Never had any treble issues with it whatsoever, but I noticed some people complaining about it. My guess: the D2CA absorbers probably don´t work with all ears/measurement systems. Worked perfectly with mine though. All in all a refined IE 800 is exactly what I´m hoping for.

    Jude: thanks for the FR graph! Any chance you could post a similar measurement that shows the original with the new S version in the same graph?
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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