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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. phiemon
    Yeah, you're right about the "personal liking and taste".

    Headphones like the Xelento are something new for me then I always had Sennheiser all my life. I'm torn because I don't know yet what I exactly "like": soundstage or not?
    The Xelento are just more energic and immediate for me, I have more fun with that.. but the IE800s are spacious, I can define the instrument in the space etc.. and that is why it lost the quality of the Xelento. Maybe I need something new, maybe I just what an intimate sound "in" my head. I will decide me over the weekend but for now I prefer the Xelento.
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  2. soundblast75
    I can feel my Zelentos leaving my house for the right reasons and even more the right price
  3. Ahmad313
    Cheers friend,
    what is important ,? the way you like is important than the brand names and specifications and when you get something as your liking and taste that product is best and superior for you without any logic ,
  4. Ahmad313
    Cheers friend,
    what is important ,? the way you like is important than the brand names and specifications and when you get something as your liking and taste that product is best and superior for you without any logic ,
  5. Rob80b
    When we say soundstage are we referring to a sound-scape …width, depth, possibly height of the actual recording venue encompassing the musicians….

    Keep in mind that, as many have most obviously discovered, a lot of recordings do not necessarily have one to speak of, soundscape, soundfield, soundstage that is, and not to be confused with imaging, location of the performers across a stereo field..... but with regards to soundstage the original ie800s, I found, while not quite, closer to my open back Senns HD650s, not super open and expansive but fairly discernible but not as obvious as on my HD800S……in fact with my open back phones I’ll rotate them... phones with an inherent forced expansive wide sound stage do not work or sound correct with many recordings.

    So as I mentioned previously, the ie800 are still not quite there and unless some sort of DSP is implemented or it’s a binaural recording I do not see iems reaching the same levels of sound-staging as large open back designs and will always be a compromise for those wishing for a full open back experience. But on the other hand the intended purpose for most with iems is portability which are competing with ambient and industrial noise so that the all important delicate details defining the space are lost. But the tenacity of these tiny ie800s producing the sound that they do, sometimes actually coming across as full range monitors while out and about, is extraordinary in itself and worth the price of admission and if the “S” does this even better… great.
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  6. phiemon
    So, I will send my IE800s back because for now I prefer the Xelento.

    I will compare them to:

    InEar ProPhile 8
    InEar StageDiver SD-4
    Campfire Audio Andromeda

    ...and then choose.
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  7. jmills8
  8. musicday
    Can you please be more specific what exactly you like about the Xelento? Has the sound changed dramatically upon burn in?
    I am patiently waiting for a discount or a price drop, maybe black Friday :)
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  9. phiemon
    I wrote it upon: the Xelento has for me just more energy; it is immediate, fun, clear, open; the music is "there", namely "in my head" and not as with the IE800s "in the space" or "around my head". The Xelento is very fun for me in contrast to the boring IE800s. I was pro Sennheiser all my life, but now I tested the Xelento and I have a new love. Tomorrow I receive the PP8 which I could like more than the Xelento. I'm testing new IEM.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
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  10. Rob80b
    Just familiarizing myself on line with the Xelento....looks like a good choice for your preferences.... : )
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  11. Deftone
    You should also try SE846, you would love it. Very intimate and small stage.
  12. Dobrescu George
    Agahahaha, when this is actually wanted :smile_phones:

    I don't think Xelento is intimate BTW.
  13. Ahmad313
    Your preference/taste/liking is more important than any of the name/brand/specifications/price tag my friend so go ahead and don't hesitate to choose the one that can make your soul more satisfied ,
  14. beowulf

    The Xelento are good, but I'm mostly interested about how these compare to the Andromeda. The price band is fairly close and times moved on since the original IE800. I'm puzzled they released this, at least at this price.

    The Andromeda have excellent separation and positioning, as well as a truly holographic spacious sound. Lots of detail and air, punchy fast bass, truly speaker-like signature (or at least finally matching the air of full size open headphones). Curious to see if the 800S can come close, being a fully dynamic setup. DD VS BA is always tricky to compare, but to be it's fair game - great sound and good value are always the objective.

    Also, I was waiting for the next big IEM thing from Sennheiser and I'm a bit disappointed to see just this; without corrections to often repeated criticisms that the original IE 800 have endured since launch.

    Puzzling. Gotta listen tho. I'll see if I can find a pair.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
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  15. Deftone
    Im surprised we havent seen many new releases from sennheiser either, they have a small selection of "audiophile" iems and there hasnt been a HD900 full size headphone that i would have thought to have been released by now. I think they are more focused on refining these days.

    Shure fans must be extremely patient. i cant even remember how long ago it was since they released the SE846.
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