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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Rob80b
    When it comes to getting the best sound from any given earphone, we all have different shaped and sized ears and that makes it all the more reason to experiment, even so at the end of the day there will be some that cannot get a proper fit regardless.

    Here are two examples, and these are only the outer ear, the canal also varies in depth and width....so really more or less a compromise with any set.
    From the totally totallydubbed review hardly shows any insertion at all.
    Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 12.05.54 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 12.27.38 PM.png

    While my aging appendages almost make them imperceptible... : )
    Photo on 2017-10-25 at 12.04 PM.jpg
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  2. YorkshireBloke
    Listened to more variety of tracks. Tweaked my eq settings to suit my own ears, this has really brought them more to life for me.
    Astonishing bass. I’m not usually a bass fan, but this is so controlled and `meaty`.
    I can hear clear separation between all instruments. I had to mention the treble again too.....no harshness, very very sweet.
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  3. BigAund
    Mine arrived today. My first impression is that sennheiser have cheaped out on the accessories. Theres only 6 sets of tips, a synthetic leather case, and the cables. I know they've supplied 3 cables but just feel they could have given more for something costing nearly 1k.

    Soundwise, I'm liking them so far but too early for real impressions.

    Last thing, cable is different from ie800 but still microphonic as hell. Lots of noise if you move about - there is a plastic shirt clip though
  4. YorkshireBloke
    I agree, they could have easily improved the quality of the presentation and accessories.eg When you use the case with the 4.4mm the plug sticks out, who designed this ? Give me an hour with Sennheiser and I’d present their failings, it’s not difficult!!!!. (Leather isn’t synthetic unless it’s a fake)
  5. Dobrescu George

    Sounds like it looks pretty nice so far!

    @AndrewH13 - How is it? Honestly :darthsmile:

    Them trebles are any good?
  6. BigAund
    Bought from sennheiser so I hope it's not fake :)
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  7. AndrewH13
    I'll tell you more if you lend me your DX200 to test balanced!!

    Sounding good earlier, had work since, but will try with Hugo2 when I get the chance.
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  8. YorkshireBloke
    It sounds amazing. But we’re spending a lot of money so we rightly point out their flaws, it’s infuriating that the ‘total package’ isn’t an improvement at least, missing accessories, flimsy box, housing and cable that looks cheaper, It’s a disappointment that could easily have been improved. Do Sennheiser not know how to do presentation of high end products? As I said, give me a few minutes with their marketing team and i’ll explain to them how to do it Or perhaps get them to look at Xelentos for a clue?
  9. MM1990
    I visited the flagship store next to their heardquarters for a few tests today.

    I have listened to the IE80s, the IE800s and the Orpheus...

    First the cable of the IE800s feels much better and the microphonics of the IE800 seem to be gone. So there is a definitive plus in my opinion.
    I had my IE800 with me and listened to the same song for a while (obviously :D) and I liked the sound of the IE800s better.
    The bass perfomance has improved and the sound seemed clearer and more balanced to me (only my personal impression though :wink:) but it left me with the urge to buy a pair, which I might next week (so if anyone is interested in a approx. 6 month old pair of the IE800, bought in the same flagship store, just send me a message).

    Not sure if you should buy the IE800s if you already on the IE800, since they are pretty good anyway. But I think I'm going for them anyway :D
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  10. jb001e9634
    What's the improvement on balanced versus SE please?

    If I buy them thsats the reason I'll be doing so.
  11. soundblast75
    My Xelentos are going for sale any moment now:L3000:
  12. musicday
    You didn't wait 200 hours, why are you selling them?
  13. Deftone
    They are more balanced than the previous version, having a good session with the Hugo 2.
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  14. Deftone
    Wait 200 hours for what?
  15. Deftone
    I am happy they still have the magic of the original ie 800 but more refined, treble is slightly smoother without losing the excitement.
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