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The Official Massdrop/Fostex TH-X00 Owners' Impressions and Discussions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sahmen, Dec 13, 2015.
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  1. VRacer-111
    Yes, the Yaxi pads bring the darker tone & warmer feel with slightly more spacious sound. The cups bring the bass and even more space to the sound. And both need EQ for my taste... where stock is okay without EQ. Schiit Loki with 20Hz @ just less than 3:00, 400Hz @ ~11:00, 2kHz and 8kHz @ just under 1:00 (2kHz slightly less) works well.
  2. Willis
    Currently I own a Mrspeaker Mad Dog headphone which I normally used for EDM music and I need advice on whether should I get a Massdrop TRX00? The Mad Dog is a very good headphone too so not too sure whether they would be offering similar style. Thank you in advance.
  3. billqs
    I'm in the process of selling my TH-X00 Mahogany and I have the outer box they came in and I have a bubble wrap envelope which encased the headphones. It seems like there should have been an inner box, though I have several Fostex variants that all came in that same bubble wrap envelope. Am I missing a bit of packaging?
  4. VRacer-111
    Should be a piece of cardboard the headphone fits into with the bubble wrap that holds them in position inside the box. Can take a picture when get home tonight... I have some TH-X00's I need to sell as well.
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  5. billqs
  6. VRacer-111
    Here's the pictures:

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  7. billqs
    Thanks a ton! I can see why I didn't recognize it as it looks like parts of a shipping box. That really helps!
  8. MajorRocker
    Does anyone know of anybody in Canada that can mod my headphones for a removable cable? I have no clue how to do it on my own, so I would definitely like someone to do it for me. Also is there any place to buy cups other then Lawton audio? It's just way out of my price range. The only reason is I have a few scratches on one of my cups/chambers :frowning2:
  9. caprimulgus
    From memory a lot of people replaced theirs with cups from E-MU? (I believe E-MU sold them separately, but only to people who bought the E-MU headphones)

    Your best bet might be to find TH-X00 or E-MU owners who have switched out their cups and have a spare pair lying around.

    You could even try sanding them down, and re-polishing...dunno if that would effect the sound much (thickness of the walls), but might be worth a try!
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
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