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The Official Beyerdynamic T1 Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by zombie_x, Aug 24, 2010.
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  1. thecrow

    I’ve been reading through this thread looking at gaining some wisdom of the hd800 v t1 but 2nd gen

    I have the hd800, lcd 2 and elear. I particularly enjoy having both the hd800 and lcd2 to complement each other

    I am considering getting another headphone that might bring something (somewhat) new to the table in options.

    My main setup is the wa2 but also have a burson virtuoso v2+

    I didn’t demo the aeon and hifiman he x v2 today but I found the he x lacking in overall balance and the aeon a little closed in

    Having said all that, for those that have both the t1.2 and hd800 how different is the offering of the t1.2 against the hd800? I don’t REALLY need another headphone but just wondering. Would you buy them both again knowing what you know?

    There are some comments saying they are different (eg analytical v musical) but how different?

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  2. Me x3
    They are quite different.

    - T1.2 is warmer/fuller sounding
    - T1.2 is less wide in terms of soundstage and projects smaller but typically very focused images
    - T1.2 is not dry as HD800 can be
    - T1.2 has an 8kHz treble tilt that gives a very different tonal character relative to the 6kHz tilt on HD800
  3. thecrow

    That’s the kind of views i’m Asking for - not only the differences (most of which are commonly mentioned) but also degrees of difference like “They are quite different”. Much appreciated

    Though they are not planners is the fuller sounding element anything close to a planner sound like the lcd or hifiman headphones, etc or more old school (dynamic driver) or quite unique?

    I have tried out a fair few headphones over time but the gen 2 t1’s I’ve somehow not gotten to.

    The gen1 I did try a while ago but THEY didn’t grab me. I understand the gen 2 have a different nature
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  4. Me x3
    T1.1 has a lighter and softer sound relative to T1.2

    It's hard to compare the T1.2 with planars like LCD-2 because the presentation is very different.
    Bass on LCD-2 is flatter and its perceived presence is caused by the subdued treble along probably with the fact that there's a very big driver producing it.

    T1.2 is different, I guess is safe to say that the overall tone is closer to HD800 but it's not as damped.
    Both mid-bass and lowest midrange get more presence on the T1.2 and that's how you get the warmer / more organic presentation.
    But the treble is still there in spades as it is on HD800, similar presence but different tonality here (less steely/clinical)

    It's often hard to write about the 'degrees of difference' without using some sort of reference.
    In the big scheme of things T1.2 is along the lines of the AKG K712 in terms of bass presence. These are less full sounding than HD650 for instance.
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  5. thecrow
    All that info is great.
    Much appreciated
  6. Mheat122134
    So I recently picked up a Gen 1. I’m detecting a slight channel imbalance (right side seems to be a little louder than the left). Should I be concerned?
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  7. milkyspray
    It's most likely the hand band causing the imbalance. People tend to over arch it to make it feel more snug on the ears. This was the case when i bought a used pair. I know the difference between a new T1 proper arch and when it's been bent out of shape.
  8. Mheat122134
    How so? How would I go about fixing this if it were the case? Thanks.
  9. hypnos1
    I have 2 sets, and both are fine. If the headband isn't the cause, and other cans are OK(?), then it would appear to be down to the drivers, and not really acceptable!

    Good luck!
  10. HOWIE13
    I would be concerned, especially if your other headphones are in balance.
    I had the same problem with a new T1g2 and received a replacement, which is fine.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2018
  11. Slim1970
    I picked up the T1 90th Anniversary limited edition headphones the other day. I must say I'm quite impressed by them. I prefer their sound over the T1.2's and T5P's 2nd gen's. The sound is closer to the T5P's to my ears. They are more open and dynamic than the T1.2's I had. They also have better bass impact and definition than the T1.2's but they retain their musicality. You need a good amp to drive them though. They sound great out of my Pro iCan.

    T1 and DT1990.jpg
  12. gab840
    Probably you need to check T1 with better amp, ican doesnt suit it and moreover compresses its soundstge too much
  13. Slim1970
    I can't say I agree with this statement. The Pro iCan has plenty of juice to power the T1's to ungodly levels. I'm using the Hugo 2 as my DAC at the moment and there is not a hint of compression. The soundstage has width as well.

    I was more comparing the sound of the T1 90th anniversary edition to the T1.2's sound because there is a difference in their presentation. Where the T1's does struggle is when I plug them into the Hugo 2 directly. The Hugo 2 simply cannot power the T1's. That's when I hear the things you describe in the sound quality.
  14. gab840
    Extremely sorry my friend , i read it wrongly considering it as ifi ican and not pro.
    I havent heard ican pro, My impressions were for ifi ican.
  15. Slim1970
    No biggie my friend. The T1's are one of the harder to drive headphones. But if you can drive them you're in for a treat! :L3000:
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