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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. twister6 Contributor
    Typically with multi-BAs the main difference between IEM and CIEM will be due to a fit with a variation in insertion depth and the seal: CIEM will have drivers closer to your eardrums and a better seal, versus IEM sticking out further with a seal controlled by eartip selection. Here, TIA driver is placed in the nozzle and not tubed, which turns U/A18 single-bore into a sound chamber. In theory, different material will affect how the sound resonates inside of that chamber, but it's such a short path due to driver being very close to the tip of the nozzle that I don't think metal vs acrylic will matter. Again, I'm making an assumption in here, and only have experience with universal U18. Maybe @Barra or others who tried both can chime in with their experience?
  2. Barra
    My two customs are the A18 and the NT6pro which I had the occasion to compare both side by side with their universal counterparts during my tours. I found both demos to be a great representation of the performance and signature of the custom with a few exceptions that come with the greater fit of the custom:
    1. Low End Extension: My CIEMs both have impressive low end extension and power, however, the tour universal demos had issues producing the same level of power in the sub region requiring pressing my ears to get the required seal to sample the capabilities. With my custom, the performance is always there and powerful.
    2. High End Extension: The same goes for the higher regions, but it is more subtle. The increased isolation allows you to hear deeper into the most delicate treble which becomes very evident after long term listening as not all songs have information in those regions.
    3. Sizing: The loss of isolation in the demos seemed to move me further from the music. Moving to the custom, things just seemed bigger and closer. I cannot explain this one, but like the custom results better.
    4. Fit: I have always hated how I had to continually push my TF10s back into my ear every few minutes to get proper sound or how any tug on my cable pulled them out. With customs, a pull on the cable is more likely to break the cable than pull out the custom or interrupt the sound. Yet, they come out easily with a little twist when desired.
    Some people claim to get the same performance out of their universal in ears, but I am not one of them due to a weird curve in my inner ear. So, YMMV depending on your ability to seal with universal fit CIEMs. For me, if I had to buy my CIEMs again and could have the universal versions for half price, I would still pay full price for the custom versions for all the reasons above.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2017
  3. Gauravahluwalia

    Hey guys,

    So I just received the tia fourte a few hours back and immediately, I noticed a potentially peculiar issue: the music on right does not play at all on any source unless I change the balance settings and increase the right side to very high/full volume. Moreover, the volume on the right is definitely lower than on the left, regardless the balance settings.

    I am attaching a screenshot of the balance settings I changed in order to have music coming out from the right side:

    As per the screenshot (WA8 connected to PC through the stock USB cable), If I were to instead increase the left side to full, the volume on the left is way much higher than the right side. If I were to keep the balance equally (as per the original settings), the sound on left is STILL definitely more than the right side and at lower volumes, the right side has NO SOUND at all. FYI, the equal balance, as is normal is what I use for my Focal utopia, and I have no problem whatsoever with Utopia. Also, I tested the setting on the Utopia, and both the left and right sound same if I increase the respective side's volume to full (which I am sure is normally what's expected from every headphone/IEM)

    I have tried interchanging the cable sides (because I read earlier in the thread that fourte has opposite polarity and maybe the cables were marked wrong or something), but in that case, it’s the exact opposite: the right side will be more on the left. Which leads me to believe that the problem lies with the stock cable itself. Unfortunately, I do not have any other cable to test it with to make sure its cable issue and not the IEM itself.

    The sources I tried: Woo Audio WA8 connected to my PC, direct from the PC and also from my mobile (Pixel XL). Same issues everywhere.
    Cable: Stock 1960 cable (the premium 1960 cable).

    I just sent an email to 64audio as well, but I am not expecting any reply till tomorrow due to the weekend. So thought I would post in here and hope that I am not being an idiot in maybe missing some setting or something.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
  4. eldss
    Thanks for recommendations. I was wondering if the aluminum construction made a difference.

    @Gauravahluwalia, The sample I have of the tia forte, is a brand new item and I haven't had the problem you are mentioning. Might be an issue with the wiring probably. Did you have the same issue with other IEMs?
  5. Gauravahluwalia
    Nope. I use my utopia, senn IE80 from the same sources and have no such issues. Hopefully, it's just a cable issue.
  6. productred
    @Gauravahluwalia Either a bad cable or bad wiring inside the right side earpiece. I dun understand what you mean by, when you swap cable sides (I suppose you switch the right-side two-pin connector on the cable to the left earpiece):

    If you could clarify this maybe we can pinpoint the problem.
  7. nogi replicant
    I am super happy with the Tia Fourte, having had it for a month or two now. Big, clear, textured, organic - out of the 1z balanced with both the balanced and the Fourte well burnt in the sound is glorious. Also using a well burnt in Dita Truth Silver cable. The Fourte is very tubey. Had a brief listen to them a week or so ago on the WA8 and it made the stage even bigger over the 1z, so I should have a WA8 next week in hand.

    Has anyone listened to the Fourte vs the LCD i4? when both are well amped?

  8. Gauravahluwalia

    Sorry for that, yes that is exactly what I meant. By switching over the right side connector to left side, its the left side then that has lower volume. Which is why I am led to believe the issue is probably due to faulty cable than wiring problem. But I am no expert so might be wrong in assuming this.
  9. Oscar-HiFi
    Settled on my final setup for the U6:

    RHA small tips, M15 module and Effect Eros II cable, this to me is an excellent pairing that has depth to the sound, excellent power in the bass without becoming overwhelming and excellent separation

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  10. Kundi
    Has anyone bought stuff off of Massdrop to Canada? I was wondering what the import fees/shipping are?
  11. DShim
    Interested in placing an order for the U4SE currently available on Massdrop, quick question the 2 pin connection which is it.. 0.78mm or 0.75mm? Thanks in advance guys
  12. tim0chan
    DShim likes this.
  13. DShim
    Cheers buddy
  14. twister6 Contributor
    yep, it uses a standard and a more common 0.78 pins, instead of rare UE 0.75 pins.
  15. bclark8923
    Can anyone give me a direct comparison of what they think about the U18 w/ m20 treble vs the tia fourte? I find with using the U18 with silicone tips it can get a bit splashy/harsh but sounds great with foam tips. Was curious is the fourte brighter/splashier in the treble or more smoothed out?

    And how does the DD bass compare to the 8 BAs?

    Edit: I'm also using a Schiit Jotunheim + Bifrost 4490 and wondering if that may be too bright a setup for these IEMs
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
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