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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. CrocodileDundee
    It's been a while since I needed something from 64Audio, but when I ordered my A12t back in March they were much, much better then the dealer who sold me locally, where I couldn't get any response om status. As sokn as I contacted 64 they found my order (using just my name) and gave me full attention.

    So just a little patience guys.

    20191123_103540.jpg out and about. :)
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  2. mvvRAZ
    Outstanding design and artwork :O
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  3. zuber
    Yes, very nice sculpture :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  4. raymogi
    Sold my U18t a month ago because I decided to go custom with the A18t.

    Ordered it about 3 weeks ago with rush order processing. Sent my ear impression on Nov 15th and by Nov 30th I received it in hand (thanks to my friend who picked up it and brought it home for me).

    I'm glad I decided to go custom. Whatever I love about the U18t, I love it even more now. It feels weird on the first day, but today I got used to it already. Pairing with 1950s is still magical. My Eletech Iliad will be ready tomorrow, so will be looking forward to pairing with that too.
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  5. aaf evo
    Please share your Iliad impressions! It’s a cable I am very interested in but I have a hard time believing anything can top the 1950s as of now.
  6. raymogi
    For sure. I couldn't recall from memory since I only demoed it for around 30 mins last week, and without my own source and music.

    It wins in the physical department at least. It looks gorgeous and it's so supple.
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  7. toaster22
    Welcome to the club, man.

    Biggest differences btw uni and custom are:

    - softer, more extended treble
    - better bass (more extension and texture)
    - better soundstage
    - more overall detail

    A18t + 1950 is some of the best sound I've ever heard.

    Enjoy the new customs!
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  8. xenithon
    @64Audio just sent a PM - also need assistance relating to a problem with a brand new set of U12t's and hoping to expedite an answer :)
  9. mwhals
    May be quicker to call them.
  10. xenithon
    Just a bit difficult being approx 8 hours ahead. But will wait to see if there’s a response by early next week and will call if need be then
  11. mwhals
    Just call in the evening and it will be morning there.
  12. xenithon
    64 Audio rep got back to me very quickly via PM as well as via email. I can imagine it’s been a super busy period and I’m happy to give the company the leeway for a few days.

    I’m personally perplexed by the urge to get instant replies and the frustration (bordering anger) that’s often shown when there are 2-3 day delays, be it with 64 Audio or other companies.

    Especially when considering examples of contrasting standards. Such as people happily waiting a few weeks to hear back from a boutique cable manufacturer, not to mention the 3-9 month waiting period of having said cable made. As if that delay adds to a notion of allure and exclusivity.
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  13. mvvRAZ
    Haha while I do agree with the first half of the post, I don’t agree with DHC’s policy that by ordering you pretty much hope for the best :D

    Add: I did receive my cable pretty quickly to be fair (2 months), so credit to them for that
  14. Peter Ruby
    Hello gents. Need some help for the 64 Audio crew.

    My current setup is the Sony Walkman WM1A with the IRR-Z1R. I absolutely love the pair.

    As always, this hobby doesn’t keep one satisfied for too long simply out of curiosity the unknown.

    So I’m looking for feedback from anyone that owns the 16t and 18t who may be able to guide me in the right direction.

    My needs, for now, is an IEM that is very detailed, neutral and a soundstage that rivals the best out there. I’ll most likely pair the new IEM with a new A&Ultima SP2000, WM1Z or LTPG Touch.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM since I tend to forget to check all the threads I’ve asked questions in.

    Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  15. zachawry
    If you are looking for neutral, detailed, and an amazing expansive holographic soundstage, I honestly don't think there is a better IEM out there than the A18t.

    Although, if you want people to PM you their answers because you can't be bothered to check back where you ask questions, maybe the 18t isn't right for you after all. :)
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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