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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. AlexFL
    Have somebody tried Noble Audio standard black cable with 64Audio IEMs? Any feedback on sound? I’m looking for softer cable with small straight 3.5MM jack and non angled 2Pin connectors for U12T. I liked the convenience of noble cable a lot when I had my K10 but it sounded a bit thin and bright with both K10 and S8F comparing to thicker cables.
  2. mvvRAZ
    You're the first person I've met that likes Noble stock cables :D
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  3. Vitaly2017
    Hi I need suggestions please

    I have tia trio and whant to know how plussound exo gold plated silver paires with trio vs my current ares ii 8wire cable....

    I use wm1z as source.
    Id like to add more bass layer and details and slightly more air and treble extension.
  4. aaf evo
    Excuse my ignorance here but I’m genuinely asking because I don’t know the answer, but would cable rolling on something like the Trio that has LID technology even make much of a difference?
  5. mvvRAZ
    Not much. The silver + gold is a good choice for what he needs in general but I doubt it’ll affect the trio much
  6. Vitaly2017
    Well when I tried the se stock vs ares ii balanced there was an immense difference...

    Even se out of galaxy s9 vs wm1z in se had a difference as well.

    So yes there should be a difference...

    I spoke with a plussound representative and he recommended me the exo gold plated silver.
    But I also wanted to see what folks here have tried to.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
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  7. Vitaly2017
    Thanks to @Wyville for hes impressive review on plussound gold plated silver cable.

    It is exactly what I was looking for and it quiet confirms what Christian told me in the email conversation we had.

    @Wyville we have very alike sound preferences it seems like :gs1000smile:
    I also have phantoms and ares ii 8 wires.
    Recent acquisition of tia trio made very nice surprise indeed!
    I also own ier-z1r, so I got 3 iems in my arsenal atm.
    Whats interesting is that trio feels like its in between phantom and ier-z1r lol.
    That perfect middle point that I was looking for. Boy I wish I purchased trio instead of forte before....

    I feel like I will let go the ier-z1r and stay with 2 iems. I feel that trio feels my musical desire much closer vs ier-z1r. None the less it is also one hell of a good iem too.

    @Wyville review
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
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  8. Wyville
    Awesome! I actually just switched back to the PlusSound GPS for the Trio. I liked the Effect Audio Cleopatra too, but the GPS pairs even better for my preferences.

    Great to hear you are enjoying the Trio, I really like them too. Loving the Tia treble and that bass is sooo good. :ksc75smile:
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  9. Vitaly2017

    Oooh )
    At some point when they just released cleo I almost purchased it hihi.
    But instead baught ier-z1r to compliment my phantoms...
    Realised it was still to bright with my edm music at some tracks...

    He eventually I baught n6ii and yea was less bright but have lost good parts of music lol.
    So I traded my n6ii for trio!

    Yep love shined up so high that I am still in my honeymoon period haha.

    Forte treble is much higher and really piercing to my ears, I would never recommend forte to someone sensitive to treble....
    Trio is so just damn right perfect! I feel the extensions of tia driver its really fun . And now I can enjoy it!

    I do love the forward mids style, reminds me of my phantoms) I do like that. Forte was way to u shape, like to much.

    Trio has a good bump up here, slams more and tighter harder then forte and z1r. Sometimes I think maybe its a little too much.
    When going back to z1r, I am like uhhh wheres the bass lol, the big hump and punshy slam of trio is addictive, like when I had forte I loved that bass to.

    My ier-z1r feels like a go to relax iem now lol

    Glad you liking your trio aswell :ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
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  10. max1236
    yup tio bass is great natural texture and decay,:dt880smile:
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2019
  11. Vitaly2017
    So why is there nothing going on ?
    Any news on the new secret iem?
  12. xenithon
    I suspect because once people get their 64’s they’ve reached endgame :ksc75smile:

    Haven’t heard any more about the new IEM. Can only assume it will be released at NAMM in early 2020?
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  13. aminus
    The above is the message I emailed to support@64audio.com on the 26th of November, 2019.

    On the 29th of November, I followed up with another email asking if they received it, and why the lack of response. On the same day, I also sent a private message on Head-fi to @64Audio, asking the same as my original email.

    7 days have passed since my initial email. I have been ghosted by 64. Is this the kind of quality 64 offers to its paying customers? Not even so much as a response to a basic inquiry regarding substantial unit variance? Do I really need to air this dirty laundry in an effort to get a response? It's not pleasant, but at the same time, the absolute lack of customer service from 64 is kind of appalling. Do you do this to your professional customers too? Or only to plebeian consumers like myself?

    Really hope this is just a fluke and this isn't being done to all your customers, because I know people who've reported similarly poor, if not nonexistent, responses from 64.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  14. Vitaly2017

    Maybe give them a call?

    Wait are you comparing a custom a12t vs universal?
    I think that explains the difference.

    I had same experience with ee phantom and found the universal sounded slightly better...
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  15. aminus
    I'm not US based, so the time zone discrepancy is a pain to work with. And that's pretty ridiculous, for an international company to expect customers on the other side of the world to call them, international phone bills and all.
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