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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. mvvRAZ
    Well - my A18t and my Noir just came back from the hospital.

    Been listening to the A18t for about an hour now, and my god did I miss it.... Pure joy having it back

    The Noir will be getting a listening session soon after :)
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  2. mvvRAZ
    IMG-9224.JPG IMG-9227.JPG IMG-9229.JPG IMG-9231.JPG

    Remarkable :)
  3. zuber
    ^ Concur. These looks veeery nice :L3000:
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  4. mvvRAZ
  5. toaster22
    gotta go with clear shells to see all the goodies inside.

    so you really like the new module from fir, huh?
  6. mvvRAZ
    I really like both the M13 and the M17 from FiR

    The M13 because it converts the A18t into what is practically an open back - the 17 is a good balanced between 15 and 20
  7. toaster22
    the m15 already sounds like an openback.

    compared to many other full-sized headphones, the m15 module makes the a18 sounds sound even more open; with bigger-sounding instruments and sound that can be perceived to originate further away from your ear than many headphones i've heard...it's ridiculous.
  8. mvvRAZ
    Yeah honestly I'd take the A18t over any open back no questions asked... But I'm also not a fan of HP sound so yeah
  9. mvvRAZ
    Oh on a side note

    64 have started using recessed sockets on their customs and they feel so much better than the ones I had half an year ago - major improvement imo
  10. zachawry
    Very nice bling. What cable is that?
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  11. mvvRAZ
    DHC Symbiote 8 wire with Hypercube split :)
  12. zachawry
    I thought it looked like DHC work. I’ve got my Elite 19 Silver coming soon, theoretically....
  13. mvvRAZ
    Yeahhh DHC does take their time... I was really lucky to get it in 2 months but I was reading about people waiting an year or more and panicked haha
  14. ostewart
    Enjoying my A6t's with the lovely Plussound Exo GPS :D

  15. Tristy
    those of you in the UK, Hifi headphones currently have a U12T for sale for £1500 refurbished. I can't see it having been used a whole lot if they have taken It back and I'm half tempted to pull the trigger myself if I wasn't in the market for a Legend X. Just a heads up!
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