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The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

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  1. CrocodileDundee
    Yeah... my A12t is only 6m old and it is my all rounder, but a bit of rumble on the lows would be great.

    Ps.: Still dream on the Elysium though, your review matches what I found when I tried it.
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  2. mvvRAZ
    The Elysium is godmode hehe

    Worth noting that both the A18t and the Noir have a similar level of performance, but the Ely just fits my preferences a bit better
  3. twister6 Contributor
    This feels like a deja vu from 2 years ago when 64 Audio presented iem X and iem Y at RMAF'17 to tease their upcoming U12t and Trio :D There was a lot of speculation, a lot of jumping to conclusions, a lot of guessing...

    So, are there any impressions from CJ SH, besides a single one from a guy who called most of the IEMs he heard at the show as "turds"? Cause, I'm reading in this thread that people already deciding that new upcoming 64 Audio IEM doesn't have their preferred sound tuning, while I'm yet to read another sound impression or a review :wink:
  4. xenithon
    I am not even sure anyone got to try it. I believe 64 Audio specifically "teased" that a new IEM is on its way and showed it off accordingly in their fancy display. I is yet to be ascertained if it even made its way out of that display and into anyone's ears. :slight_smile:
  5. BananaOoyoo
    I found their last “new big thing” pretty disappointing (Fourte Noir), so guess I’ll see how I feel about the upcoming IEM.

    If it is indeed based off the U12t, that’s a pretty high bar. Brands seem to be pretty hit or miss when it comes to one-upping flagship-level products, whether it’s 64 with the FN, Empire with the Wraith, or CFA with the Solaris. Hopefully this new IEM hits the mark.
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  6. aaf evo
    Oh no, what have I done. XD
  7. twister6 Contributor
    There was a single impression from someone who tried it at CJ SH and mentioned that mids/treble reminded him of U12t (but, not as resolving?) and more bass. I guess that's what triggered everyone to assume it's U12t update.
  8. mvvRAZ
    We were just ****ing around for the most part haha
  9. aaf evo
    Yeah i didn’t really mean for my post to explode like this, anyways, rather have some discussion over speculation than a dead thread? Looking forward to seeing the announcement and what all the new IEM brings to the 64a lineup.
  10. mwhals
    I am hoping 64 Audio figures out how to make a custom Tia Trio.
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  11. CrocodileDundee
    Wouldn't that be hard to justify the price compared to N8? Same question would go to Fourte Custom. (Just brainstorming)
  12. Vitaly2017

    Oh you heard trio?
    Could you share some impressions?
  13. aaf evo
    Hmmm so 64 audio has no demo Noir’s, RIP. May try out the Trio or U12t to see how they compare to my A18t.
  14. Deezel177
    I definitely wouldn't say so. The Trio and N8 sound completely different, and - while I haven't heard the custom N8 - the Trio sounds absolutely lovely; one of the most underrated in-ears on the market now, in my opinion.
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  15. mwhals
    I tested the Trio and thought it sounded wonderful. I thought the bass was good, but not as much bass as Legend X. It was very well implemented with the other frequencies in my opinion. The only reasons I bought the A12t over it was that I already had Legend X and I also wanted another custom.
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